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No So no, the U.S. will not become like another France, who once conquered most of Europe, but got striken by the bad judgment to make Jews citizens of France.

Since then it went down the drain, borders were opened and the French culture destroyed by mediocrity and pure debility.

The only people ending up on TV are mostly Jews, they are the actors and the owners of TV productions, films and radios. The country’s eyes.

Like in the U.S., parasites must be eradicated or prevanted from conniving and excluding us, the majority, from their faith driven desire to disinherit us.

That’s by excluding us that they become ‘chosen’ people.

Exclusivity is their status. No. Our nation is not communist. We are hard core capitalists but we are strongly united in our common nation’s values, the most beautiful country there is.

Long live the United States.

The Chinese are united by communism and powerful with market capitalism.

The U.S. is now united by people’s common values, and powerful with value capital.

First off, Trump:

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