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Dewormed Exfoiled, dewormed, a make over much needed to regain full strength and fight off China, who is doing the same thing.

Jews love communism, the total control state. China has become the most dangerous thing that could ever become, a total control state embracing capitalism.

The combination of communism and capitalism is like riding the dragon for the Chinese, it’s Bruce Lee power, capitalism on steroids.

Bruce Lee wasn’t kind, he was furious, ragious and he mastered his emotions to a point, when he broke an actor’s arm on set on camera.

Rather purposely than not, see the dragon can only be controlled, but not spot controlled. Even a master like him couldn’t stop him fast enough to stop making a man’s set of bones shattered.

Hillary’s agenda is to do like China, except China is embracing capitalism, Hillary wants the U.S. to embrace communism.

It won’t work. Because China is leading the way in that race. The U.S. would not be leaders for of the world for centuries.

The only way is to do like Britain. They are leading the way out of Europe with Brexit. British people are rising again, it was long awaited. Britain the fabulous. This extraodinary powerful nation, that didn’t lead anything for more than 3 generations with its enormous influence.

Crippled by France and its Europe’s poorly executed false ideals. Britain is liberated from the European Jewry and French Aristocraty that are nuckle heads for finding their shoes without an entire nation of servants.

So here it comes America, follow Britain, your long time ally, ditch France like the Brits did, they have never been true Ally. From the General de Gaulle, nauseating disdain for loyalty and gratitude.

De Gaulle was another nazi who didn’t fight a single battle during WWII. His best buddy was General Petain, who collaborated with the Germans and sold France.

The only design of WWII was to create Israel, weaken the strong nations of French by reducing the french bonds to nothing.

The Jewry achieved that by destroying french famillies with the WWII. Before WWII french famillies were strong and united and helping each other out. After WWII it became the nuclear family. You were lucky if a dad stayed with his child and a woman got married.

De Gaulle stayed hidden out of France to just show up and take the seat. The true Hero of world war II were Jean Moulin and other resistants, who fought battles, lead the people, and endangered their skin to the point of no return.

Hitler, De Gaulle, Mitterand, all the same Nazis. On the political stage the last two just showed up as condemning the Nazis, it’s the exact same line and agenda.

Hitler was manipulated into giving in to the jews what they wanted. Because Hitler had won as much as he could have won. He had to save his legacy and escape to Argentina. He brought in the Jewish problem to the public’s life. His job was done as much as possible.

Jesus, when his work was done, escaped to France.

Jesus was told to have died on a cross. So Christians would turn out meek in the face of the jews. Truth is that Jesus won, but to keep his legacy globally, he had to stay alive and set it up. Same for Hitler, who did not kill himself, but managed the next reich globally.

So the will keeps turning, from Israel to France, from Germany to America.

Nations move in their values and agenda, but it remains the same. Values vs. People vs. Power vs. Economics.

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