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Track listing All songs written and composed by Theatre of Tragedy.

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</table> On the back of the album's casing, "Space Age" is written in Russian: "Космическая эра"; moreover, the words "Гагарина, Терешковой, Леонова, Лайки, Белки и Стрелки" ("Of Gagarin, Tereshkova, Leonov, of Laika, Belka and Strelka") are recited throughout the song. The song "Reverie" begins with loading of a ZX Spectrum program from an audio cassette.
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No. Title Length
1. "Machine"   04:14
2. "City of Light"   04:19
3. "Fragment"   04:00
4. "Musique"   03:29
5. "Commute"   05:25
6. "Radio"   03:39
7. "Image"   03:09
8. "Crash/Concrete"   03:21
9. "Retrospect"   04:03
10. "Reverie"   05:26
11. "Space Age"   04:16
12. "The New Man" (bonus track) 03:21
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