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University partners

  • Airbus
  • BAE Systems
  • Royal Navy
  • Royal Airforce
  • Kingston University
  • Delft University of Technology
  • ANSAN Technopark (South Korea)
  • Seoul Sanggye Industrial Masters School (South Korea)
  • Honam Professional College (South Korea)
  • Zvezdny (Star City) Cosmonauts Training Centre
  • CIAM - Central Institute of Aviation Motors
  • VIAM - All russian Institute of Aviation Materials
  • Air Launch Corporation
  • Space Mission Control Centre (TsUP)
  • Monino Aviation Museum
  • Zvezda - Research, Development and Production Enterprise
  • Design Bureau of Transport Machinery
  • Vnukovo Airport
  • Khrunichev Space Centre
  • Salute - Moscow Machinery Enterprise
  • Energomash

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University partners
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