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Mobike is not made for foreigners to cash out They are tons of hidden dangers. A lot of Mobike users hit people, pedestrians, cars, who is liable? Whose insurance is paying? The biker doesn't have any for sure.

Also who is responsible for not leaving a Mobike inside an elevator, in the middle of a crossroad, or on the freeway? You are thinking it's ridiculous? This is China.

Liability, accountability, insurance policies and responsibilities are words that translate into... An Idiom, short for long story remembered with a few words.

The idiom for "professionalism" is this story of a guy who did this and that and got killed.

Chinese like me don't remember what this and that was. They surely remember he got killed. So when you talk about "professionalism", well people make a long face, and they make loose yours.

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Mobike is not made for foreigners to cash out
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