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  • Metric tensor (general relativity), the fundamental object of study in general relativity similar to the gravitational field in Newtonian physics
  • The metric system of measurement
  • METRIC a model that uses Landsat satellite data to compute and map evapotranspiration (ET) in climatology/meteorology
  • Metrical phonology, a theory of stress or prominence of speech units in linguistics

Computers and networking

  • Metrics (networking), set of properties of a communication path
  • Router metrics, used by a router to make routing decisions
  • Software metric, a measure of some property of a piece of software or its specifications
    • Reuse metrics, a quantitative indicator of an attribute for software reuse and reusability


  • Metric (mathematics), an abstraction of the notion of distance in a metric space
    • Metric tensor, in mathematics, a symmetric rank-2 tensor, used to measure length and angle
    • Schwarzschild metric, a description of the geometry around a special type of black hole
  • Metric space, a set where a notion of distance between elements of the set is defined

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