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Minor planets not yet given a name have not been included in this list.

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
40007 Vieuxtemps 1998 HV102 Henri Vieuxtemps (1820-1881), a Belgian composer and violist.
40092 Memel 1998 ME47 Memel River, whose Couronian-Latvian name means silent.
40106 Erben 1998 QW5 Karel Jaromír Erben, 19th-century Czech author, poet, and collector of folk songs, rhymes and fairy tales
40206 Lhenice 1998 SB36 Lhenice, South Bohemia, Czech market town
40227 Tahiti 1998 SR145 Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia, where the British astronomer Charles Green observed the 1769 transit of Venus
40230 Rožmberk 1998 TJ6 Rozmberkové (The Rosenbergs), one of the most significant Bohemian noble families
40328 Dow 1999 MK Marjorie Dow Healy, the discoverer's mother
40409 Taichikato 1999 RS2 Taichi Kato, Japanese astronomer
40410 Příhoda 1999 RJ3 Pavel Príhoda, Czech author and astronomy popularizer, editor-in-chief of the The Czech Astronomical Yearbook
40436 Sylviecoyaud 1999 RQ32 Sylvie Coyaud, French-Italian scientific reporter and amateur astronomer
40440 Dobrovský 1999 RU34 Josef Dobrovský, 18th-19th century Czech linguist, who codified the rules of the written Czech language
40441 Jungmann 1999 RW34 Josef Jungmann, 18th-19th century Czech poet, publicist and literary historian, author of the Czech-German Dictionary
40444 Palacký 1999 RV35 Frantisek Palacký, 19th-century Czech historian and politician
40447 Lorenzoni 1999 RC37 Giuseppe Lorenzoni (1843-1914), an Italian astronomer and scientist
40457 Williamkuhn 1999 RG43 William Kuhn, American amateur astronomer, designer of the Orange County Astronomers 57 cm Kuhn telescope at Anza, California
40459 Rektorys 1999 RK43 Karel Rektorys, Czech mathematician and professor at the Czech Technical University in Prague
40463 Frankkameny 1999 RE44 Frank Kameny, American astronomer in the 1950s
40684 Vanhoeck 1999 RE214 Luc Vanhoeck, Belgian amateur astronomer and pioneer of digital astrophotography
40764 Gerhardiser 1999 TA16 Gerhard Iser, German amateur astronomer and mentor of one of the discoverers
40774 Iwaigame 1999 TH20 Iwaigame Mountain, located in the southern part of the Asahi mountain range.
40994 Tekaridake 1999 UZ2 Tekaridake, a mountain in the northern part of Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

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