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Minor planets not yet given a name have not been included in this list.

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
35056 Cullers 1984 ST Kent Cullers, American physicist
35062 Sakuranosyou 1988 EP Sakuranosyou, the Musashino Sakurano Elementary School, in Musashino, Tokyo, Japan, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the school's founding
35076 Yataro 1990 BA1 Yataro Iwasaki, close friend of Ryoma Sakamoto and played a crucial role in bringing about the Meiji Restoration
35087 von Sydow 1990 UE5 Max von Sydow (b. 1929), a Swedish screen actor.
35093 Akicity 1991 EH1 Aki City, in eastern Kochi prefecture, Japan
35137 Meudon 1992 RT4 Meudon, a small town near Paris
35165 Québec 1993 QF1 Quebec City, Québec, Canada
35197 Longmire 1994 LH Matthew J. Longmire, American(?) electrical engineer and pioneer of the astronomical CCD revolution
35222 Delbarrio 1994 XD6 Bianca Del Barrio, wife of Francesco Gallotti, a member of the Osservatorio di Montelupo (Montelupo Observatory)
35229 Benckert 1995 FY20 Johann Peter Benckert, 18th-century German sculptor
35233 Krčín 1995 KJ Jakub Krčín of Jelčany, 16th-century Czech hydraulic engineer, designer of ponds such as Rožmberk, Bohemia
35237 Matzner 1995 QP Antonín Matzner, Czech musicologist
35265 Takeosaitou 1996 NS5 Takeo Saitou (born 1934), a member of the Yamagata Astronomical Society.
35268 Panoramix 1996 QY Panoramix, also known as Getafix, is the village druid in the cartoon series Les aventures d´Asterix by Uderzo and Goscinny
35269 Idefix 1996 QC1 Idefix, also known as Dogmatix, is small white dog belonging to Obelix in the cartoon series Les aventures d´Asterix by Uderzo and Goscinny
35270 Molinari 1996 RL Emilio Molinari (born 1963), developed his astronomical career in Brera Observatory, Milan, beginning with the study of distant clusters of galaxies then shifting to technology group. He now serves as director of the Telescopio Nazionale Galileo and Rapid Eye Mount observatories.
35274 Kenziarino 1996 RF24 Kenzi Arino (born 1947), a member of the Yamagata Astronomical Society.
35286 Takaoakihiro 1996 TP9 Akihiro Takao, Japanese amateur astronomer, member of the Matsue Astronomy Club
35313 Hangtianyuan 1997 AC6 Zhongguo Hangtianyuan Zhongxin (Astronaut Center of China), in Beijing Space City
35316 Monella 1997 AW13 Rinaldo Monella, Italian amateur astronomer
35324 Orlandi 1997 ET7 Stefano Orlandi, worker in the T.L.C. Observatory for deep-sky photography and astrometry of comets and minor planets.
35325 Claudiaguarnieri 1997 EU7 Claudia Guarnieri, student of the science of architecture at the University of Parma.
35326 Lucastrabla (1997 EV7) Luca Strabla, Italian engineer and amateur astronomer.
35334 Yarkovsky 1997 FO1 Ivan Osipovich Yarkovsky, 19th-century Russian engineer who put forward the idea of what is now called the Yarkovsky effect
35346 Ivanoferri 1997 JX Ivano Ferri (b. 1946) is an Italian amateur astronomer, who has been at the T.L.C. Observatory since its 1991 foundation.
35347 Tallinn 1997 JN12 Known as Kolyvan, and later as Reval, the Finnic-speaking community became the northernmost member of the Hanseatic League in 1285
35350 Lespaul 1997 LP14 Les Paul, famous guitarist
35352 Texas 1997 PD2 Texas, the largest state in the continental U.S.
35356 Vondrák 1997 SL3 Jan Vondrák, Czech astronomer, president of IAU Division I, 2007 winner of the Nušl Prize of the Česká astronomická společnost (ČAS, Czech Astronomical Society)
35357 Haraldlesch 1997 SX9 Harald Lesch, professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Munich
35358 Lorifini 1997 SL17 Lorella Fini, daughter-in-law of the first discoverer
35364 Donaldpray 1997 UT Donald P. Pray, American amateur astronomer
35365 Cooney 1997 UU Walter R. Cooney Jr., American amateur astronomer
35366 Kaifeng 1997 UP4 Kaifeng, a city located on the southern bank of the Yellow River in northern Henan province, China
35370 Daisakyu 1997 UF21 Tottori-Dai-Sakyu ("Tottori Sand Dunes"), Japan's greatest sand dune, near Tottori City which merged with Saji Village, where the Saji Observatory is located, in 2004
35403 Latimer 1997 YW4 Truett Latimer, American IMAX film producer and former president of the Houston Museum of Natural Science
35441 Kyoko 1998 BH33 Kyoko Iwasaki, Japanese swimmer and Olympic gold medallist
35446 Stáňa 1998 CK1 Stáňa (Stanislava) Setváková, Czech staff member of the Prague Planetarium
35461 Mazzucato 1998 DM23 Michele T. Mazzucato, Italian amateur astronomer and author
35618 Tartu 1998 HC149 Tartu, Estonia
35703 Lafiascaia 1999 FP10 "La fiascaia", the woman who makes the straw coverings often present on Italian wine bottles, such as for chianti
35725 Tramuntana 1999 FQ59 Tramuntana, the principal mountain chain of Mallorca, Spain; it is also the name of the north wind
35976 Yorktown 1999 MY1 Yorktown, a town in Virginia on the York River leading into the Chesapeake Bay
35977 Lexington 1999 NA Lexington, Massachusetts, "Birthplace of American Liberty"
35978 Arlington 1999 NC Arlington, Massachusetts, site of the heaviest fighting during the first day of the American Revolutionary War

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