::Meanings of minor planet names: 14001–15000


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Minor planets not yet given a name have not been included in this list.

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
14012 Amedee 1993 XG Amedee, a small uninhabited island 30 km west of Noumea, New Caledonia.
14014 Münchhausen 1994 AL16 Karl Friedrich Hieronymus Freiherr von Münchhausen, German officer and adventurer*
14015 Senancour 1994 BD4 Etienne Pivert de Senancour (1770–1846), a French essayist and philosopher
14016 Steller 1994 BJ4 Georg Wilhelm Steller, German botanist, who accompanied Vitus Bering on the expedition that led to the discovery of southeastern Alaska
14024 Procol Harum 1994 RZ Procol Harum British progressive rock band
14025 Fallada 1994 RR11 Hans Fallada, German writer*
14026 Esquerdo 1994 ST7 Gil Esquerdo, American research assistant for the Near-Earth-Asteroid Physical Study project at the University of Western Ontario
14028 Nakamurahiroshi 1994 TZ14 Hiroshi Nakamura (b. 1955) is a well-known amateur astronomer in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan.
14031 Rozyo 1994 WF2 Rozyo Elementary School, the name of a historical school in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.
14032 Mego 1994 XP Princess Mego, 16th-17th-century Japanese wife of Datemasamune; a cherry tree seedling planted near the Sendai Observatory is known as the "Princess Mego Cherry Tree".
14040 Andrejka 1995 QD2 This minor planet was chronlogically the first to be discovered at Modra Observatory and is regarded there as a "precious stone". It is dedicated to Andrea Galàdovà (born 1970), familiarly known as Andrejka, wife of the first discoverer.
14041 Dürrenmatt 1995 SO54 Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Swiss author*
14042 Agafonov 1995 UG5 Konstantin Vasil'evich Agafonov, a well-known organizer of the electronic industry in Russia.
14047 Kohichiro 1995 WG5 Kohichiro Morita (1954–2012), a professor at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.
14054 Dušek 1996 AR Jiří Dušek, Czech astronomer, one of the founders of the Czech Internet astronomical newspaper IAN
14056 Kainar 1996 AO1 Josef Kainar, Czech poet, dramatist, journalist and musician
14057 Manfredstoll 1996 AV1 Manfred Stoll, Austrian astronomical computer specialist
14060 Patersonewen 1996 BM5 Paterson Ewen, Canadian astronomical artist and teacher
14061 Nagincox 1996 CT7 Nagin Cox (b. 1965) is a system engineer and a manager on multiple interplanetary robotic NASA missions.
14062 Cremaschini 1996 CR8 Claudio Cremaschini, an amateur astronomer.
14065 Flegel 1996 EY5 Mike Flegel, Canadian amateur astronomer
14068 Hauserová 1996 HP1 Eva Hauserová, Czech writer and journalist
14069 Krasheninnikov 1996 HP18 Stepan Petrovich Krasheninnikov, Russian scientist (geographer, anthropologist)
14071 Gadabird 1996 JK13 Bonnie Bird and Andreas Gada, Canadian amateur astronomers
14072 Volterra 1996 KN Vito Volterra, Italian mathematician*
14074 Riccati 1996 NS The family of Italian mathematicians of Jacopo Francesco Riccati (1676–1754) and his sons Vincenzo (1707–1775), Giordano (1709–1790) and Francesco (1718–1791) wrote principally on differential equations, geometry and the work of Newton. Riccati's differential equation is famous.
14075 Kenwill 1996 OJ Kenneth A. Williams, of Lake Clear, New York, is an accomplished astrometrist, astrophotographer, and discoverer of numerous minor planets.
14077 Volfango 1996 PF1 Volfango Montanari, 20th-century Italian Olympic athlete.
14080 Heppenheim 1997 GB The beautiful city of Heppenheim, with its medieval old town that was first mentioned in the year 755, is situated in a traditional wine-growing region of southwestern Germany. On a hill above the city the ruins of the Starkenburg castle dominate the picturesque scenery.
14088 Ancus 1997 JB10 Ancus Marcius, fourth king of Rome, reigned from 640 to 616 B.C.
14092 Gaily 1997 MC8 T. Dean Gaily, Canadian physicist
14094 Garneau 1997 OJ1 Marc Garneau, the first Canadian in space
14097 Capdepera 1997 PU4 Capdepera, a village in eastern Mallorca.
14098 Šimek 1997 QS Milos Simek, Czech radio astronomer.
14100 Weierstrass 1997 RQ5 Karl Weierstrass, German mathematician*
14103 Manzoni 1997 TC Alessandro Manzoni (1785–1873), an Italian poet and novelist.
14104 Delpino 1997 TV Federico Ernesto Delpino, 20th-century Italian astronomer
14105 Nakadai 1997 TS17 Tatsuya Nakadai (born 1932), a prominent Japanese actor who has received awards from the Cannes, Venice, and Berlin film festivals.
14111 Kimamos 1998 QA24 Kim Amos mentored a finalist in the 2002 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a middle school science competition. She teaches at the Mt. De Chantal Visitation Academy, Wheeling, West Virginia.
14114 Randyray 1998 QE35 andy Ray mentored a finalist in the 2002 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a middle school science competition. He teaches at the Reyburn Intermediate School, Clovis, California.
14115 Melaas 1998 QO36 Kathleen Melaas mentored a finalist in the 2002 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a middle school science competition. She teaches at the Valley High School, Hoople, North Dakota.
14116 Ogea 1998 QC40 Amanda H. Ogea mentored a finalist in the 2002 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a middle school science competition. She teaches at the Episcopal Day School, Lake Charles, Louisiana.
14119 Johnprince 1998 QU46 John E. Prince mentored a finalist in the 2002 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a middle school science competition. He teaches at the Keystone Junior High School, San Antonio, Texas.
14120 Espenak 1998 QJ54 Fred Espenak, American astronomer and compiler of eclipse atlases (ephemerides)
14121 Stüwe 1998 QM54 Joachim A. Stüwe (b. 1958), of the Astronomisches Institut, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, has catalogued dark clouds and globules in the southern Milky Way and pioneered the development of distance determination algorithms for interstellar clouds based on automatic star counts.
14122 Josties 1998 QA55 F. Jerry Josties (b. 1937) worked at the U.S. Naval Observatory for more than four decades. He managed USNO's photographic double star program and contributed to VLBI work on the determination of polar motion, earth rotation and nutation.
14124 Kamil 1998 QN60 Kamil Hornoch, Czech amateur astronomer
14129 Dibucci 1998 QO95 Janet DiBucci mentored a finalist in the 2002 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a middle school science competition. She teaches at the Brentwood Middle School, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
14134 Penkala 1998 RP42 Brad Penkala mentored a finalist in the 2002 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a middle school science competition. He teaches at the Goleta Valley Junior High School, Goleta, California.
14135 Cynthialang 1998 RZ62 Cynthia Lang mentored a finalist in the 2002 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a middle school science competition. She teaches at the Independence Home School, Yardley, Pennsylvania.
14141 Demeautis 1998 SR1 14141}
14143 Hadfield 1998 SQ18 Chris Austin Hadfield, Canadian astronaut
14145 Sciam 1998 SE24 Scientific American, founded in 1845, is the oldest continuously published magazine in North America.
14146 Hughmaclean 1998 SP42 Hugh Noel Alexander Maclean, Canadian amateur astronomer
14147 Wenlingshuguang 1998 SG43 Wenlingshuguang is the event of the first sunlight (Shuguang in Chinese) of the new millennium shining on Wenling, Zhejiang, the first geographical point on China's mainland.
14148 Jimchamberlin 1998 SO45 James Arthur Chamberlin, Canadian aerospace worker
14149 Yakowitz 1998 SF61 Sidney Yakowitz (1937-1999), a professor in the systems and industrial engineering department of the University of Arizona from 1966 to 1999.
14153 Dianecaplain 1998 SA80 Diane S. Caplain mentored a finalist in the 2002 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a middle school science competition. She teaches at the Great Neck South Middle School, Great Neck, New York.
14154 Negrelli 1998 SZ106 David Negrelli mentored a finalist in the 2002 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a middle school science competition. He teaches at the Paul W. Bell Middle School, Miami, Florida.
14155 Cibronen 1998 SK122 Cindy Bronen mentored a finalist in the 2002 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a middle school science competition. She teaches at the Andrew W. Mellon Middle School, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
14157 Pamelasobey 1998 SA133 Pamela Sobey mentored a finalist in the 2002 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a middle school science competition. She teaches at the Keystone Junior High School, San Antonio, Texas.
14158 Alananderson 1998 SZ133 Alan Anderson mentored a finalist in the 2002 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a middle school science competition. He teaches at the C.W. Ruckel Middle School, Niceville, Florida.
14163 Johnchapman 1998 TY20 John Herbert Chapman, "Father of the Canadian Space Program"
14164 Hennigar 1998 TH29 Donald M. Hennigar, Canadian amateur telescope maker
14172 Amanolivere 1998 VN8 Amanda Olivere mentored a finalist in the 2002 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a middle school science competition. She teaches at the Engle Middle School, West Grove, Pennsylvania.
14174 Deborahsmall 1998 VO13 Deborah Small mentored a finalist in the 2002 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a middle school science competition. She teaches at the George Washington Carver Middle School, Miami, Florida.
14179 Skinner 1998 VM32 Christopher J. Skinner (1963-1997), teacher of the discoverer.
14181 Koromházi 1998 WX6 Birthplace(?) of one discoverer, K. Sárneczky
14182 Alley 1998 WG12 Karen Alley mentored a finalist in the 2002 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a middle school science competition. She teaches at the East Middle School, Butte, Montana.
14185 Van Ness 1998 WK32 Michael E. Van Ness (b. 1974), an observer for LONEOS since 1998.
14186 Virgiliofos 1998 XP2 Virgilio Fossombroni, teacher of Italian literature
14189 Sèvre 1998 XB14 François Sèvre French astronomer
14190 Soldán 1998 XS15 Jan Soldán, Czech astronomer, designer and developer of control software for space and ground-based experiments
14203 Hocking 1998 YT20 Wayne Keith Hocking, Canadian physicist
14206 Sehnal 1999 CL10 Ladislav Sehnal, Czech astronomer
14214 Hirsch 1999 RP86 *
14217 Oaxaca 1999 VV19 Oaxaca, City and State in Mexico, birthplace of Benito Juárez, first native-born President of Mexico, first numbered asteroid discovered from Mexico (updated by the discoverer)
14220 Alexgibbs 1999 VE115 Alex Gibbs (b. 1967), an observer and software engineer with the Catalina Sky Survey.
14223 Dolby 1999 XW1 *
14224 Gaede 1999 XU33 *
14225 Alisahamilton 1999 XZ49 *
14226 Hamura 1999 XR50 *
14230 Mariahines 1999 XF100 *
14234 Davidhoover 1999 XZ182 *
14238 d'Artagnan 1999 YX13 d'Artagnan, one of the Three Musketeers
14244 Labnow 2000 AT29 Science teacher (MCMS) /scientist<ref></ref>
14250 Kathleenmartin 2000 AJ63 *
14252 Audreymeyer 2000 AD64 *
14258 Katrinaminck 2000 AM116 *
14262 Kratzer 2000 AC125 *
14267 Zook 2000 AJ153 *
14274 Landstreet 2000 BL21 John Darlington Landstreet, Canadian astronomer
14275 Dianemurray 2000 BR26 *
14277 Parsa 2000 CS13 *
14278 Perrenot 2000 CV29 *
14309 Defoy A908 SA Ilse Defoy (1892–1947), wife of Christoph Schubart and mother of Heidelberg astronomer Joachim Schubart
14310 Shuttleworth 1966 PP Mark Shuttleworth, South African businessman, first citizen of an African country to venture into space (on a Soyuz mission in 2002)
14312 Polytech 1976 UN2 Saint Petersburg State Technical University (former Polytechnical Institute), founded in 1899, is one of the largest universities laying the foundation of higher polytechnic education in Russia.
14313 Dodaira 1976 UZ7 Dodaira station was dedicated in 1962 with a 0.91-m reflector and 0.50-m Schmidt telescope as a branch station of the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory in Saitama prefecture, and its operation was terminated in Mar. 2000. It was located where the borders of Tokigawa, Ogawamachi and Higashichichibu meet.
14314 Tokigawa 1977 DQ3 Tokigawa, a village east of the Chichibu mountain range in Saitama prefecture, north of Tokyo, near where Dodaira station was located.
14315 Ogawamachi 1977 EL5 Ogawamachi, a town at the eastern edge of Chichibu mountain range in Saitama prefecture.
14316 Higashichichibu 1977 ES7 Higashichichibu, a village of 4000 at the eastern edge of the Chichibu mountain range in Saitama prefecture.
14317 Antonov 1978 PC3 Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov (1906-1984) worked in Kiev beginning in 1952 and was the founder of a national scientific and technical school of aircraft building. He made many types of gliders, passenger and transport aircraft distinguished by the latest features and discoveries. He was also a talented poet and artist.
14318 Buzinov 1978 SD3 Victor Mikhajlovich Buzinov, 20th-century Russian journalist and author
14322 Shakura 1978 YM Nikolai Ivanovich Shakura, Russian astrophysicist
14327 Lemke 1980 FE2 Dietrich Lemke, German astronomer
14328 Granvik 1980 VH Mikael Granvik (b. 1977), a researcher at the University of Helsinki and Senior research scientist, Finnish Geodetic Institute.
14335 Alexosipov 1981 RR3 Alexandr Kuzmich Osipov, Ukrainian astronomer
14338 Shibakoukan 1982 VP3 Shiba Koukan (1747-1818), a western-style painter in the late Edo period.
14342 Iglika 1984 SL Iglika Manchev (b. 1992), the guiding star of her father Christo, a good friend of the discoverers.
14345 Gritsevich 1985 PO Maria Gritsevich (b. 1977), a research scientist at the Finnish Geodetic Institute.
14346 Zhilyaev 1985 QG5 Boris Efimovich Zhilyaev, Ukrainian astronomer
14349 Nikitamikhalkov 1985 UQ4 Nikita Sergeevich Mikhalkov, Russian film director and actor
14351 Tomaskohout 1986 RF3 Tomas Kohout (b. 1980), a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki.
14354 Kolesnikov 1987 QX7 Evgeny Kolesnikov, Russian scientist who has conducted research at the Tunguska impact site
14360 Ipatov 1988 CV4 Sergej Ivanovich Ipatov, Russian astronomer
14361 Boscovich 1988 DE Ruggiero Giuseppe Boscovich (1711-1787), Jesuit professor of mathematics and philosophy at Rome and Pavia.
14365 Jeanpaul 1988 RZ2 Jean Paul (Friedrich Richter, 1763-1825), a German writer and poet.
14366 Wilhelmraabe 1988 RX3 Wilhelm Raabe (Jacob Corvinus, 1831-1910), The Lower-Saxon novelist and poet.
14367 Hippokrates 1988 RY3 Hippokrates (460?-375 B.C.), a Greek physician.
14372 Paulgerhardt 1989 AD6 Paul Gerhardt (1607-1676), a German poet and theologian.
14382 Woszczyk 1990 ES6 Andrzej Woszczyk (1935–2011), Polish astronomer
14395 Tommorgan 1990 TN3 Thomas H. Morgan, a U.S. planetary scientist.
14400 Baudot 1990 WO4 Jean-Maurice-Emile Baudot (1845-1903) invented a telegraphic code in 1874 that encoded each letter of the alphabet as a series of "on-or-off" signals. Because each signal has the same duration, this system is more efficient than Morse code, and it still used in telecommunications today.
14401 Reikoyukawa 1990 XV Reiko Yukawa (born 1936), a Japanese music critic, songwriter and translator.
14403 de Machault 1991 GM8 Guillaume de Machault (c. 1300-1377), a medieval poet and one of the last poet-musicians.
14412 Wolflojewski 1991 RU2 Wolf von Lojewski, a prominent journalist, book author and long-standing correspondent of the German TV system ZDF in Europe and abroad.
14413 Geiger 1991 RT3 Hans Geiger, German physicist.
14420 Massey 1991 SM Steven (Steve) Massey (born 1962), a pioneer in the use of modern video cameras in astronomical imaging.
14424 Laval 1991 SR3 Université Laval, Québec, Canada, oldest university of North America
14425 Fujimimachi 1991 TJ2 Fujimimachi is a health resort town in central Japan known for its beautiful scenery and clean air. Mt. Nyukasa station, where this minor planet was discovered, is located in this town.
14426 Katotsuyoshi 1991 UO2 Tsuyoshi Kato (born 1968) is one of the leading amateur astronomers in Saitama prefecture.
14428 Lazaridis 1991 VM12 Mike Lazaridis, Canadian entrepreneur and founder of the Perimeter Institute
14429 Coyne 1991 XC George Coyne (b. 1933), S.J., an astronomer at the Vatican Observatory since 1969.
14436 Morishita 1992 FC2 After Yoko Morishita (born 1947) retired from the medical field in 2007, she decided to nurture her interest in astronomy. She is an enthusiastic supporter of activities at the Astronomical Society of Shikoku, making many contributions there to furthering the spread of astronomical awareness.
14438 MacLean 1992 HC2 Steven Glenwood MacLean, Canadian astronaut
14441 Atakanoseki 1992 SJ Atakanoseki, a checkpoint set up in Komatsu-city, Ishikawa Prefecture, in 1187.
14443 Sekinenomatsu 1992 TV Recognized as a special natural treasure that is estimated to be over 370 years old, the six-meter-high pine tree of Sekine is located in the San-nohe town, Aomori prefecture.
14446 Kinkowan 1992 UP6 Kinkowan (Kagoshima Bay) in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. Mount Sakurajima, a famous active volcano, is in the centre of Kinkowan
14447 Hosakakanai 1992 VL In 1910, Kanai Hosaka (1896–1937) showed his drawing of 1P/Halley to Kenji Miyazawa (1896–1933) with the words, "The comet was like a night train going along the Milky Way". This probably inspired Kenji's best-known story "Night on the Galactic Railroad.".
14449 Myogizinzya 1992 WE1 Myogizinzya is a historic Shinto shrine built in 537 on the main peak of Myogi Mountain in Gunma prefecture, located in the center of the Japanese archipelago.
14463 McCarter 1993 GA1 David Graham McCarter, Canadian amateur astronomer and telescope maker
14466 Hodge 1993 OY2 Paul W. Hodge (born 1934), a professor of astronomy at the University of Washington and, since 1984, editor of the Astronomical Journal.
14468 Ottostern 1993 OS12 Otto Stern (1888–1969), a German Jewish experimental physicist.
14469 Komatsuataka 1993 RK Komatsuataka is a seaside town in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
14479 Plekhanov 1994 CQ13 Gennadiy Plekanov, Russian scientist, long time investigator of the Tunguska event
14486 Tuscia 1994 TE The ancient name of Tuscany
14487 Sakaisakae 1994 TU2 Sakae Sakai (b. 1953) is a well-known amateur astronomer.
14498 Bernini 1995 DO2 Gian Lorenzo Bernini, an Italian architect and sculptor who designed the colonnade of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.
14499 Satotoshio 1995 VR1 Toshio Sato, Japanese amateur astronomer and astronomical historian.
14500 Kibo 1995 WO7 Kibo, a word meaning "hope" or "wish", became a Japanese nickname for the Experiment Module of the International Space Station.
14501 Tetsuokojima 1995 WA8 Tetsuo Kojima, Japanese amateur astronomer, an active member of Ota Astronomical Club
14502 Morden 1995 WB22 James C. Morden, Canadian historian, educator and author
14504 Tsujimura 1995 YL3 *
14505 Barentine 1996 AW4 John Caleb Barentine, American astronomer
14509 Lučenec 1996 ER2 *
14511 Nickel 1996 EU3 Jack Allen "Triple" Nickel, retired USAF pilot, NASA Shuttle Trainer Aircraft instructor*
14513 Alicelindner 1996 GK17 Alice Lindner, German secretary at the Hoher List Observatory
14517 Monitoma 1996 LJ1 *
14519 Ural 1996 TT38 The Ural river, flowing from the Ural mountains into Kazakhstan and the Caspian Sea; it forms part of the traditional boundary between Europe and Asia
14526 Xenocrates 1997 JT3 Xenocrates of Chalcedon, Ancient Greek philosopher*
14533 Roy 1997 QY *
14535 Kazuyukihanda 1997 RF *
14537 Týn nad Vltavou 1997 RL7 Týn nad Vltavou, a town on the Vltava River in Bohemia, the Czech Republic
14539 Clocke Roeland 1997 RU9 Clocke Roeland, carillon society of the Belgian (Flemish) city of Ghent
14542 Karitskaya 1997 SW9 *
14543 Sajigawasuiseki 1997 SF11 *
14544 Ericjones 1997 SG21 Eric M. Jones (born 1944), an American astrophysicist and space historian.
14550 Lehký 1997 UU7 *
14551 Itagaki 1997 UN8 *
14555 Shinohara 1997 VQ Tomoe Shinohara (b. 1979), a Japanese TV entertainer and designer, whose favorite hobby is astronomical observation and astrophotography.
14558 Wangganchang 1997 WG1 *
14564 Heasley 1998 BX13 James N. Heasley, American astronomer
14566 Hokule'a 1998 MY7 *
14567 Nicovincenti 1998 MQ8 *
14568 Zanotta 1998 OK Mauro Vittorio Zanotta, Italian amateur astronomer , +<--- also --->
14570 Burkam 1998 QS37 *
14571 Caralexander 1998 QC45 *
14572 Armando 1998 QX54 *
14573 Montebugnoli 1998 QD55 *
14574 Payette 1998 QR58 Julie Payette, Canadian astronaut
14575 Jamesblanc 1998 QC92 *
14576 Jefholley 1998 QO92 *
14582 Conlin 1998 RK49 *
14583 Lester 1998 RN61 *
14584 Lawson 1998 RH63 *
14588 Pharrams 1998 RH73 Stacey Pharrams, participant in the Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge
14589 Stevenbyrnes 1998 RW79 Steven J. F. Byrnes, a finalist in the 2003 Intel Science Talent Search
14593 Everett 1998 SA26 *
14594 Jindrašilhán 1998 SS26 Jindřich Šilhán (Jindra Šilhan), Czech astronomer, observer of variable stars*
14595 Peaker 1998 SW32 Brian Ronald Peaker, Canadian competitive rower and Olympic medalist
14596 Bergstralh 1998 SC55 Jay Bergstralh, NASA Solar System Exploration Division*
14597 Waynerichie 1998 SV57 *
14598 Larrysmith 1998 SU60 *
14605 Hyeyeonchoi 1998 SD123 Hyeyeon Choi, a finalist in the 2003 Intel Science Talent Search
14606 Hifleischer 1998 SK125 Hilary Caren Fleischer, a finalist in the 2003 Intel Science Talent Search
14612 Irtish 1998 SG164 Irtish river, flowing from the Mongolian Altay Mountains of China into Kazakhstan and Russia before joining the Ob river
14613 Sanchez 1998 TP2 *
14616 Van Gaal 1998 TK30 Hendrik Van Gaal, founder of the Urania Observatory in Hove, Belgium*
14617 Lasvergnas 1998 UA4 Olivier Las Vergnas (born 1954), French Astronomer, creator of the Association astronomique de Paris en Sorbonne in 1970 and currently President of the French Astronomical Association<ref></ref> and<ref></ref>
14619 Plotkin 1998 UF9 Howard Plotkin, Canadian historian of science
14621 Tati 1998 UF18 Jacques Tati, French cinematographer*
14623 Kamoun 1998 UE24 *
14624 Prymachenko 1998 UO24 *
14627 Emilkowalski 1998 VA Emil Kowalski, Named for the discoverer's late father
14632 Flensburg 1998 VY33 *
14643 Morata 1998 WZ30 *
14654 Rajivgupta 1998 YV16 Rajiv Gupta, Canadian mathematician
14656 Lijiang 1998 YN22 *
14659 Gregoriana 1999 AF24 *
14664 Vandervelden 1999 BY25 Erwin Rene van der Velden, Australian astrophotographer
14669 Beletic 1999 DC Named after James William Beletic (born 1956), a physicist. Asteroid awarded by Cyril Cavadore of the European Southern Observatory's Optical Detector Team, which J. Beletic led from 1994 Nov. 1 to 2000 Apr. 27.
14678 Pinney 1999 XN33 *
14679 Susanreed 1999 XN42 *
14683 Remy 1999 XG156 *
14684 Reyes 1999 XQ167 *
14693 Selwyn 2000 AH144 *
14694 Skurat 2000 AR145 *
14696 Lindawilliams 2000 AW203 *
14697 Ronsawyer 2000 AO214 Ron Sawyer, Canadian amateur astronomer
14698 Scottyoung 2000 AT230 Scott Douglas Young, Canadian planetarium director
14699 Klarasmi 2000 AV239 *
14700 Johnreid 2000 AC240 *
14701 Aizu 2000 AO240 Aizu is the westernmost third of Fukushima prefecture, Japan.
14702 Benclark 2000 AY242 Benton C. Clark III (born 1937), chief scientist at Space Exploration Systems of Lockheed Martin.
14708 Slaven 2000 CU26 Kathy Slaven, mentor of a finalist in the 2001 Discovery Young Scientist Challenge (DYSC), a middle school science competition.
14719 Sobey 2000 CB85 Glen Sobey, mentor of a finalist in the 2001 Discovery Young Scientist Challenge (DYSC), a middle school science competition.
14724 SNO 2000 CA100 The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO)
14727 Suggs 2000 DU11 Rob Suggs, meteor scientist*
14734 Susanstoker 2000 DZ78 Susan L. Stoker, mentor of a finalist in the 2001 Discovery Young Scientist Challenge (DYSC), a middle school science competition.
14764 Kilauea 7072 P-L Kilauea, the active volcano on Hawaii.
14789 GAISH 1969 TY1 GAISh (ГАИШ), Moscow University's Sternberg Astronomical Institute, founded in 1931 on the site of the observatory established by the university in 1831
14790 Beletskij 1970 OF *
14791 Atreus 1973 SU *
14792 Thyestes 1973 SG1 *
14794 Konetskiy 1976 SD5 Victor Victorovich Konetskiy, 20th-century Russian writer and Arctic captain
14795 Syoyou 1977 EE7 *
14812 Rosario 1981 JR1 Rosario, Argentina
14814 Gurij 1981 RL2 Gurij Timofeevich Petrovsky (born 1931), director of the Vavilov State Optical Institute and president of the Rozhdestvensky International Optical Society.
14815 Rutberg 1981 TH3 Filipp Grigor'evich Rutberg (born 1931), a prominent expert in electrophysics, is director of the Institute of Problems of Electrophysics in St. Petersburg.
14820 Aizuyaichi 1982 VF4 Aizu Yaichi (1881–1956), a student of Japanese classical literature and a poet of Japanese 31-syllable poems. He greatly admired the poet Ryokan.
14821 Motaeno 1982 VG4 Motaeno-Minato was the old name of Tamashima Port, Okayama prefecture, in the Edo Period.
14825 Fieber-Beyer 1985 RQ Sherry K. Fieber-Beyer (b. 1975), a post-doctoral researcher and Director of Undergraduate Studies at the Department of Space Studies, University of North Dakota.
14826 Nicollier 1985 SC1 Claude Nicollier (b. 1944), the first European mission specialist of NASA.
14827 Hypnos 1986 JK Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep and twin brother of death. He entered the sleep of mortals and gave them, at the bidding of the Olympians, dreams of foolishness or inspiration, depending on the individual and their divine protectors or enemies.
14829 Povalyaeva 1986 TR11 Marina Petrovna Povalyaeva, Ukrainian charity leader, decorated with the Order of Saint Peter and Paul and the "For patriotism" medal
14831 Gentileschi 1987 BS1 Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1652), an Italian painter, the only daughter of the Italian painter Orazio Gentileschi.
14832 Alechinsky 1987 QC3 Pierre Alechinsky, a Belgian painter.
14833 Vilenius 1987 SP1 Esa Vilenius (b. 1974), a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institut f{ü}r extraterrestrische Physik in Garching, Germany.
14834 Isaev 1987 SR17 Aleksej Mikhajlovich Isaev, 20th-century Russian space engineer.
14835 Holdridge 1987 WF1 Mark E. Holdridge (b. 1960), an operations manager at the Applied Physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University.
14836 Maxfrisch 1988 CY Max Frisch (1911-1991), Swiss writer and playwright.
14843 Tanna 1988 VP3 Tanna, the name of a railroad tunnel on the Tokaido main line, Japan, that runs for 7804 meters between Atami and Kannami
14845 Hegel 1988 VS6 Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher.
14846 Lampedusa 1989 BH Italian writer Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (1896-1957) is famous for Il Gattopardo, whose fictional protagonist, Prince Fabrizio Salina, modeled on the author's own grandfather, was an amateur astronomer who discovered and named minor planets "Salina" in honor of his family and "Svelto" in memory of his favorite dog.
14850 Nagashimacho 1989 QH Nagashimacho, a town located in the northwestern part of Kagoshima Prefecture.
14853 Shimokawa 1989 SX Yoji Shimokawa, Japanese amateur astronomer.
14871 Pyramus 1990 TH7 In classic literature, Pyramus and Thisbe are two lovers whose union is prevented by their opposing parents and whose lives end in a tragic double suicide. The two lovers are now finally united forever in the minor-planet belt.
14872 Hoher List 1990 UR The Observatory of Hoher List, in the Ardennes near Daun (Eifel), was established in 1957 by the University of Bonn.
14873 Shoyo 1990 UQ2 Shoyo Senior High School in Takasago has departments in home economics, commercial studies and general education. Shoyo means the evergreen pine tree and the glorious sun. To be spirited, progressive, autonomous and cooperative is the motto of this comprehensive school, of which the second discoverer is a graduate.
14876 Dampier 1990 WD2 William Dampier, sailor and the first to circumnavigate the Earth three times.
14877 Zauberflote 1990 WC9 Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute), opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (named on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth)
14880 Moa 1991 CJ1 A giant flightless bird of New Zealand thought to have become extinct by A.D. 1400, MOA is also the acronym of the project Microlensing Observations in Astrophysics which involves New Zealand and Japanese universities.
14885 Paskoff 1991 RF2 Marie-Claude Paskoff, chief editor of the astronomical journal L’Astronomie, founded by Flammarion in 1882.
14888 Kanazawashi 1991 SN1 Kanazawa ("Little Kyoto"), Ishikawa prefecture, Japan
14901 Hidatakayama 1992 SH Hida Takayama city is located in the north of the Hida Mountains in the heart of Japan.
14902 Miyairi 1993 BE2 Keinosuke Miyairi (1865–1946), of Kyushu Imperial University, a pioneer in epidemiology, discovered that the snail now called "Miyairi-gai" is an intermediate host for transmission of shistosoma japonicum infection. This enabled schistosomiasis to be controlled.
14909 Kamchatka 1993 PY3 Kamchatka Peninsula
14911 Fukamatsu 1993 RH2 Daihei Fukamatsu, Japanese amateur astronomer.
14914 Moreux 1993 TM26 Théophile Moreux (1867–1954), commonly known as "Abbé Moreux", was a French astronomer and meteorologist.
14917 Taco 1994 AD11 Kenneth Dale "Taco" Cockrell (born 1950), an engineer and pilot with NASA from 1987 to 1990, was then selected as an astronaut and flew on space shuttle missions STS-56, STS-69, STS-80, STS-98 and STS-111.
14919 Robertohaver 1994 PG Roberto Haver, Italian amateur astronomer
14922 Ohyama 1994 TA3 Tetsuya Ohyama (b. 1959) is a Japanese amateur astronomer skilled in the making of his own personal observatories.
14925 Naoko 1994 VU2 Yamazaki (Sumino) Naoko, Japanese astronaut
14926 Hoshide 1994 VB3 Hoshide Akihiko, Japanese astronaut
14927 Satoshi 1994 VW6 Furukawa Satoshi, Japanese astronaut
14937 Thirsk 1995 CP3 Robert Brent Thirsk, Canadian astronaut
14939 Norikura 1995 DG1 Mount Norikura (3026 m high), part of the northern Japan Alps, is an extinct volcano, located at the boundary of Nagano and Gifu prefectures.
14940 Freiligrath 1995 EL8 Ferdinand Freiligrath, German poet*
14941 Tomswift 1995 FY2 Tom Swift and Tom Swift, Jr., protagonists of series of twentieth century adventure novels*
14942 Stevebaker 1995 MA Steve Baker (born 1967), a key member of the Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing (AMOS) team.
14947 Luigibussolino 1996 AB4 Luigi Bussolino, Italian aerospace engineer.
14953 Bevilacqua 1996 CB3 Franco Bevilacqua (born 1937) is an Italian space engineer.
14959 TRIUMF 1996 JT3 The Tri-University Meson Facility (TRIUMF)
14960 Yule 1996 KO George Udny Yule (1871–1951), statistician, lecturer at University College, London, and fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge.
14961 d'Auteroche 1996 LV3 Jean-Baptiste Chappe d'Auteroche, French astronomer*
14964 Robertobacci 1996 VS Roberto Bacci, Italian amateur astronomer
14965 Bonk 1997 KC Werner Bonk, German amateur astronomer
14966 Jurijvega 1997 OU2 Jurij Vega, Slovenian mathematician and military engineer, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Jurij Vega Grammar School in Idrija, which the discoverer attended
14967 Madrid 1997 PF4 Madrid, Spain*
14968 Kubáček 1997 QG Dalibor Kubácek (born 1957) worked at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava, where he studied the structure of cometary comae by means of image processing. He willingly taught students and friends (including the discoverers) and helped to explain to them this relatively unknown procedure.
14969 Willacather 1997 QC1 Willa Cather, American author*
14972 Olihainaut 1997 QP3 Olivier R. Hainaut, Belgian astronomer.
14973 Rossirosina 1997 RZ Rosina Rossi, mother of the discoverer Andrea Boattini
14974 Počátky 1997 SK1 Počátky, a town in south Bohemia, the Czech Republic, where the discoverer Miloš Tichý was born
14975 Serasin 1997 SA3 Antonietta Serasin, Italian amateur astronomer
14976 Josefčapek 1997 SD4 Josef Čapek, Czech artist and playwright*
14977 Bressler 1997 SE4 Martin Bressler, Austrian amateur astronomer
14980 Gustavbrom 1997 TW9 Gustav Brom (Gustav Frkal), Czech 20th-century jazz musician, conductor, composer and singer
14981 Uenoiwakura 1997 TY17 Iwakura High School was established in 1897 as a private railroad high school in Ueno.
14988 Tryggvason 1997 UA7 Bjarni Tryggvason, Icelandic-Canadian astronaut
14989 Tutte 1997 UB7 William Tutte, Canadian mathematician
14990 Zermelo 1997 UY10 Ernst F. F. Zermelo (1871–1953), German mathematician.
14994 Uppenkamp 1997 UW18 Wolfgang Uppenkamp, German literature teacher
14995 Archytas 1997 VY1 Archytas (ca. 428-365 B.C.), a philosopher and mathematician of the Pythagorean school.
14998 Ogosemachi 1997 VU6 Ogosemachi, a town in the center of Saitama Prefecture.
15000 CCD 1997 WZ16 Charge-Coupled Device.

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