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Types Following is a list of titles of marszałek. In many cases, they are completely unrelated to each other.

In the Polish Kingdom:

In the semi-confederal Polish-Lithnuanian Commonwealth, offices were split:

  • In the Polish Crown:
    • Marszałek wielki koronny - Grand Marshal of the Crown
    • Marszałek nadworny koronny - Marshal of the Court of the Crown
  • Common:
    • Marszałek dworski - Court Marshal
    • Marszałek ziemski - District Marshal or Land Marshal
    • Marszałek sejmu - Marshall of the Sejm
    • Marszałek sejmiku - Marshall of the Sejmik

In partitioned Poland:

  • Marszałek szlachty - Marshal of the Szlachta

In the Second Polish Republic, the People's Republic of Poland, and present-day Poland:

Since 1999:

  • Marszałek województwa (voivodeship marshal)

{{#invoke:Redirect template|main}}leader of the indirectly elected executive of a voivodeship (one of Poland's 16 provinces), co-existing with the government-appointed voivode (governor)
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