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Science fiction

The rank of marshal has made frequent appearances in works of science fiction, both in live action productions and literature.

Star Wars

In the universe of Star Wars, the rank of marshal may be connected to the TIE fighter forces. Marshall are the ranks held by senior TIE fighter commanders, equivalent to Imperial Navy Admirals. Several sources of the Star Wars Expanded Universe have listed the following marshal ranks of the starfighter service.

  • Grand marshal
  • High marshal
  • Force marshal
  • Chief marshal
  • Marshal
  • Vice marshal


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  • In the novel Starship Troopers, the rank of sky marshal is held by the Commander-in-Chief of the military.
  • Marshal is a military rank frequently found in the universe of Doctor Who where, more often than not, it is held by various villains who seek galactic domination through military force.
  • In the Riddick universe, the leader of the diabolic Necromonger army is called the Lord Marshal.
  • In the computer game StarCraft, the major character Jim Raynor is a Confederate Marshal at the story's outset.
  • In the Battletech universe, the British-themed Federated Suns uses the military rank of marshal for a commander of a Regimental Combat Team or a Polymorphous Defense Zone, and the rank of field marshal for top echelon military commanders, typically encompassing the March Lords and the Prince's Champion.
  • In Outland, Sean Connery plays Marshal William T. O'Niel who runs a police force for a mining colony on Io, one of Jupiter's moons.
  • In the Dresden Files, Talos is the Lord Marshal of the Summer Court. He is shown to have much influence and bearing in the Court.



In Mercedes Lackey's fictional country of Valdemar, one of the country's most important ranks is that of lord marshal.

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