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{{#invoke:Hatnote|hatnote}} Manson is a surname of Scottish origin. It is an anglicised version of the Scandinavian name Magnusson, meaning son of Magnus. It is particularly common in the far north-east of Scotland in the county of Caithness and in Orkney and Shetland. It is also relatively common in south west Scotland, in the country of Ayrshire. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Amy Manson (born 1985), Scottish actress
  • Andra Manson (born 1984), American high jumper
  • Andy Manson, British luthier and custom guitar maker
  • Charles Manson, adopted surname of convicted murderer from the United States
  • Charly Manson, Mexican professional wrestler
  • David Manson (militiaman) (1753–1836), American Revolutionary War aide to General George Washington
  • David Manson (producer) (born 1952), American film and television producer, screenwriter and director
  • David Ames Manson (1841–1929), merchant and political figure in Quebec
  • James Manson, Australian-rules footballer
  • Mahlon Dickerson Manson, Union General during the American Civil War
  • Marilyn Manson, stage name of Brian Hugh Warner, American musician and artist
  • Michael Manson, Scottish-born farmer and political figure in British Columbia, Canada
  • Michael Manson, a judge of the Federal Court of Canada
  • Pat Manson, American pole vaulter
  • Patrick Manson, pioneer in the field of tropical medicine
  • Robert Manson, Canadian politician
  • Shirley Manson, Scottish musician and actress
  • Stephen Manson, Scottish footballer
  • William Manson, Scottish-born accountant, notary public and political figure in British Columbia, Canada.

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