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{{#invoke:Hatnote|hatnote}} {{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}} {{#invoke:Sidebar|sidebar}} MTV2 is an American digital cable and satellite television channel that is owned by Viacom Music and Entertainment Group, a unit of the Viacom Media Networks division of Viacom. The channel is also broadcast over-the-air in selected markets where the former all-request music channel known as The Box was broadcast (which was acquired by MTV Networks in 2001 for the sole purpose of conversion to MTV2), though these stations have been sold off in recent years.

When it launched in 1996, the original purpose of the channel was to give music fans a place to see constant, commercial-free music videos, once the original MTV had started to change its direction from music and concentrate on reality television and soap operas. Today, the network carries mainly music-focused reality television programming, game shows, archived MTV reality programming, and some older sitcoms and dramas, with music programming limited to weekend and graveyard slots. The network has a mainly young male focus to its main original programming.

As of February 2015, approximately 79,416,000 American households (68.2% of households with television) receive MTV2.<ref>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }}</ref>

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