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Administration Lynchburg College has both a President and a Board of Trustees, which currently consists of 37 individuals. The Board of Trustees' role in administration is the "fundamental oversight of the College."<ref>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }}</ref>

Presidents of Lynchburg College
Dr. Josephus Hopwood 1903–1911
Dr. S.T. Willis 1911–1912
Mr. G.O. Davis 1912–1914
Mr. Matthew Clark (Acting) 1914–1915
Dr. John T. Hundley 1915–1936
Dr. Riley B. Montgomery 1936–1949
Dr. Orville W. Wake '32 1949–1964
Dr. M. Carey Brewer '49 1964–1983
Dr. George N. Rainsford 1983–1993
Dr. Charles O. Warren 1993–2001
Dr. Kenneth R. Garren 2001–present

Dr. Kenneth R. Garren began his tenure as the tenth president of Lynchburg College in 2001. A former vice president and dean of Roanoke College, Garren led Lynchburg College through its 2003 centennial celebration and initiatives such as a strategic plan, campus facilities master planning, building projects (including Elliot & Rosel Schewel Hall), and restoration work on College Lake. Recently, the college finished multimillion dollar renovations of Shellenberger Field and Drysdale Student Center.

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