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Early life Sanger was born 23 December, probably 1825, in Newbury, Berkshire to James Sanger. James Sanger, the son of a Wiltshire farmer, had been pressed into the service of the Royal Navy at a young age, where he learned conjuring tricks, and later, as a navy pensioner, became a showman.<ref name=odnb /><ref name=Sanger5 /> He and his wife, named Elliot, travelled the country in a caravan, showing human curiosities and a peep show.<ref name=Sanger10 /> After they began to have children, the family settled in Trowbridge and then Newbury, where George was born. George Sanger was the sixth of ten children, and the youngest son.<ref name=Sanger15 /> The children grew up helping with their father's business. As a young man, Sanger made his first start in business, independent of his father, as an animal tamer.<ref name=Sanger99 /> His first "troupe" consisted of canaries, redpoles, white mice and later, hares. He taught them to fire miniature cannons and walk tightropes. The show was a success and he exhibited at private parties, although he drew a few accusations of witchcraft from rural villagers.<ref name=Sanger100 />

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