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Royce (Adrien Brody) is an American ex-militarysoldier turned mercenary equipped with an automatic shotgun with a drum mag, and a pistol as well as a machete.. He realizes that he and others are on an alien game preserve planet, and are being hunted as game by some unknown hunters. Royce releases the Classic Predator for his help to start the ship in order to escape the planet. He disarms Edwin and booby-traps Edwin's body with grenades and uses him as bait in a trap for the Berserker Predator. Royce disorients the Predator and after a violent fight, he defeats and decapitates it. He and Isabelle sit together by the remains of a fire, watching the sky as more humans and other aliens are being dropped into the jungle. Royce says to Isabelle that it is time to find a way off the planet, and they walk away into the jungle.


Isabelle (Alice Braga) is an IDF black ops sniper armed with a large sniper rifle and a pistol. Out of the group, she is the only one with previous knowledge of the Predators, believing she is there as punishment for getting her spotter killed during her last mission. Isabelle and Edwin are captured by the final super Predator, who throws them into a pit. She is paralyzed by Edwin after being cut with his scalpel covered in neurotoxin. She helps Royce out by shooting the super Predator with her sniper rifle. Isabelle and Royce sit together by the remains of a fire, watching the sky as more humans and other aliens are being dropped into the jungle. Royce says to Isabelle that it is time to find a way off the planet, and they walk away into the jungle.


Edwin (Topher Grace) is a seemingly innocent doctor. He falls behind as the group escapes and is saved by Nikolai after being noticed by a Predator. Edwin is crippled by a trap, trying to escape with Royce and Isabelle. Edwin and Isabelle are captured by the final super Predator, who throws them into a pit. Edwin temporarily paralyzes Isabelle by cutting her with his scalpel covered in neurotoxin and reveals that he is a psychopathic killer who wishes to stay on the planet to become like the Predators. After he attempts to paralyze Royce, Royce disarms him and booby-traps Edwin's body with grenades and uses him as bait in a trap for the super Predator.


Stans (Walton Goggins) is a notorious and deadly death-row inmate from San Quentin State Prison. Being transferred to the planet during imprisonment, he is the only member of the hunted group besides Edwin who is not armed (Although he does have a shank throughout the film). After being wounded by a plasma caster shot from the Berserker Predator, he then sacrifices himself in a suicide attack to buy the other survivors time to escape. Stans taunts the Predator before having his skull and spine removed by the alien.


Nikolai (Oleg Taktarov) is a Russian Spetsnaz commando during the Second Chechen War equipped with a mini gun (which is later destroyed by a predator's plasma ray) and a pistol. He fires at Royce and Cuchillo when he first meets them, thinking they are the enemy. He has two children back home. After saving Edwin from the Tracker Predator, Nikolai gets shot in the back by the Predator's plasma caster. As Tracker impales Nikolai and lifts him from the ground, the Russian sacrifices himself using explosives to destroy both himself and the Predator.


Hanzo (Louis Ozawa Changchien) is an Inagawa-kai Yakuza enforcer, wielding a pistol and later a samurai katana that he later finds in Noland's hideout. Hanzo does not speak much throughout the film, and when asked why, he responds, "Because I talk too much" and showed that he is missing the ring and pinkie fingers of his left hand, revealing he had committed yubitsume. Hanzo engages the Falconer Predator in single combat towards the end of the film, resulting in both of their deaths.


Mombasa (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali) is a Sierra Leone RUF death squad officer who uses an AK-47 and a pistol. Stans and he are shown having a dislike for each other throughout the film. Mombasa is the first one to notice the Predator is hunting them. He is killed when he is stabbed through the chest by the Predators' trap while in their camp.


Cuchillo (Danny Trejo) is the Mexican Los Zetas drug cartel enforcer armed with two sub machine guns and a pistol. After he and the other members engaged in a battle with the Hell-Hounds, he became cornered and killed. His body is later used unsuccessfully as bait by the Predators.


Ronald Noland (Laurence Fishburne) is a stranded U.S. Air Cavalry Soldier, driven mad from his time on the planet. He scavenged and used Predator technology as his weaponry. He takes the group to his hiding place and tells them what they are dealing with and why they are on the planet. After an attempt to murder the group, he runs into a Predator and attempts to fight him with an axe, only to be blasted into pieces and a cloud of blood by the Predator's plasma caster.

River Ghost

River Ghost (Carey Jones) is a humanoid-like alien creature, which, like humans, are hunted by the Super Predators on the Game Preserve Planet. It is later killed by Noland, wearing scavenged Predator equipment.


Hell-Hounds, also known as Predator Hounds or Predator Dogs, are dog-like alien creatures controlled by the Tracker Predator to flush out the prey, the same way as a hunter would use dogs to flush out their quarry. The Tracker Predator has a whistle device that is used to call the hounds back to their master to prevent them from doing too much damage and killing the prey.

The Predators


The Berserker Predator (Brian Steele) is a massive Black Super Predator with an Alien's jawbone built onto its mask. Steele was nicknamed "Mr. Black" by the film crew. This Bad Blood Predator is the leader of the group. He likes to run through and bash through forces, such as in the scene where he is being shot at, he runs straight through the shots. Also, unlike many Predators, he has no sense of honor and instead takes joy in killing unarmed or sick prey, something which normal Predators find it objectionable. He likes to appear right in front of everyone. After finding out the captive Predator had been freed by Royce and collaborates with him, he engages the Predator and defeats him. After this he immediately destroys the spaceship heading for Earth. Berserker is decapitated by Royce after having its mask smashed and being repeatedly sliced by an axe Royce acquires.


The Tracker Predator (Carey Jones) has tusks attached to his helmet. This Predator controls the Predator Hounds. In a scene where he tries to kill Edwin, he quits and concentrates on killing Nikolai, stabs and lifts him off the ground with his wrist blade and dies once Nikolai detonates an explosive.


The Falconer Predator (Carey Jones) is the youngest of the three super breed Predators. The Falconer has an angular mask, as opposed to other Predators's more organic, rounder looking masks. His skill is to learn and acquire tactics from his foes. The name comes from using a biomechanical bird creature to track the humans. He engages in a duel with Hanzo, which results with his and the human's death.

Classic (Crucified Predator or Jungle Hunter Predator)

The Classic Predator (Derek Mears) is a Predator that is held prisoner by the three larger, more aggressive Predators. This Predator is named Classic because its design resembles the Predator from the 1987 film. He is later released by Royce with the agreement to let Royce gain access to the ship. By doing so in the agreement, the Berserker Predator finds out and becomes furious. The two predators engage in battle, and the Berserker wins by cutting his opponent's head off.

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