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Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is the leader of the team and the protagonist of the first movie. Dutch is an elite veteran. He and Dillon served together in Vietnam during the Battle of Huế. It is known that during the mission he was captured and tortured for information by the enemies. Flashback scenes of Arnold Schwarzenegger under the interrogation were filmed for Predator, with Schaefer being burned with cigarettes, having his pectorals cut, stung by a scorpion, receiving electric shocks to his torso and armpits, and being held naked in a bamboo box, but these scenes didn't make the final cut of the film and are considered lost footage. He is sent on a mission in Val Verde, under the belief that presidential cabinet members of Guatemala were kidnapped by guerrilla forces. After attacking the guerrilla's post, they discover that the men were actually CIA agents. It is also known that Dutch and his team fought in Afghanistan for a time as stated by Poncho. After the Predator kills all of Dutch's team and Dillon, and with Anna being rescued, he is the only man left in the jungle with the Predator. Using a knife and vines to fashion primitive weapons and traps including a spear (with the knife as the blade), and a bow with an explosive-tipped arrow made from a 40mm grenade, he covers his body in mud after discovering the Predator sees through infrared, essentially making him invisible. Though the Predator falls victim to a number of Dutch's traps, they fail to kill. Eventually, the Predator catches him and the two fight hand to hand. Despite his impressive physique, Dutch is no match for the Predator, only surviving when he manages to lure it into a trap where it is nearly crushed by a log. The beaten Predator then activated a self-destruct device for its suicide and to kill Dutch, but Dutch escapes the blast radius just before detonation and is rescued by the rescue helicopter that saved Anna. Dutch is referenced in both Predator 2 and Predators. In the former, Keyes mentions that a creature identical to the one they are pursuing stalked and slaughtered Dutch's team in the jungle ten years prior, and in the latter, Isabelle says the creature they just saw matched the "detailed description" by the only survivor of the 1987 Guatemala mission. Dutch also appears as one of the playable characters in the Alien vs. Predator arcade game, where he is depicted as receiving cybernetic enhancements.


Agent George Dillon (Carl Weathers) is a former teammate of Dutch and current CIA agent, sent along with Dutch's team for the mission. He and Dutch were comrades during the Vietnam War and saw heavy combat during the Battle of Huế. Having not served in the field for sometime, Dillon nearly shows the team's position to the rebels while en route to the rebel camp in the jungle. He and the CIA have a secret agenda for the mission; the Army told Dutch that it was Guatemalan cabinet members that were kidnapped and needed to be rescued, but it was actually CIA Agents, and also to discover what happened to American soldiers led by Jim Hopper (the leader of a team that previously tried to recover the CIA Agents). Dutch's team later finds Hopper and his men with their skins torn off and hanging from a tree. Dillon and Dutch clash frequently when the latter realises that he and his men have been used, something Dillon is disdainful of. He insists on taking Anna with them, escorting her personally most of the time. He volunteers to go after Mac, who chased off after the predator in a suicide revenge mission, knowing he is unlikely to live. He is impaled by the Predator after having his arm shot off by it, and being the third-last victim of the Predator, his dying scream warns the others of the Predator's proximity.


Anna Gonsalves (Elpidia Carrillo) is a guerrilla, captured by Dutch's troops following a battle with the rebels. She later tells them of a legend inspired by the Predators, of an "old demon" that during hot summers attacks people from violent areas who are later found skinned and hollowed. Anna is the only one to reach the rescue helicopter that later picks up Dutch. She is the only character other than Dutch to survive, mostly since the Predator never attacked her. After the extraction, she is seen aiding government agents in a video tape on Predator 2, showing the devastating after-effects of the Predator's self-destruct device to the U.S. Army.


Jorge "Poncho" Ramirez (Richard Chaves) is a Chicano. He also speaks fluent Spanish, for he can translate to his group for Anna when she speaks, and shows a sarcastic wit throughout the film, though is highly spooked after the attacks begin. Is the first to find Hawkins' remains. He is badly wounded when the Predator inadvertently uses one of the traps set by the commandos against them and a tree trunk slams into his waist after the Predator shot it to swing right at him. The others had to carry him for the rest of the way. He is the last victim of the Predator, shot in the head by it in an ambush right on Dutch's arms and after Billy's death.


Billy Sole (Sonny Landham), is a Native American. Billy is the first one to notice the Predator is hunting them. Throughout the film it is alluded that Billy has a strong jungle sense. At several points during the film he feels the presence of the Predator and becomes spooked. At one point he is so perturbed he stops flat in his tracks. Billy dies shortly after presenting a formal knife fight challenge to the Predator (he discarded all of his equipment before doing so), in order to buy Dutch, Poncho, and Anna more time to escape. The manner in which he is killed is unknown as only his terrifying scream is heard, but the Predator is later seen dragging Billy's body up a tree and placing him on a branch before removing his spine & skull as a trophy. Billy's laughter is mimicked in the Predator's dying scene as it activates its self-destruct.


Blain Cooper (Jesse Ventura) fought alongside Mac in the Vietnam War and were the only members of their platoon to survive a night-long battle. He often chews tobacco, and wears a battered old cowboy hat. He dislikes Dillon and makes that clear on a helicopter ride by spitting on his boot. His weapon of choice is a modified minigun he calls "Ol' Painless", he also carries a submachine gun when he needs to be stealthy. As he is searching for Hawkins' body, the Predator shoots him through the chest with its plasma caster, killing him instantly.


Rick Hawkins (Shane Black) is the team's radio operator and technical expert. He tells sexual jokes (often badly to the point that he has to explain the punchline) and reads comic books. He uses a submachine gun as his main weapon. As he captures Anna trying to escape, Hawkins becomes the first on-screen victim of the Predator, presumably slashed to death by its blade. Apparently, the Predator eviscerates him in one swift motion, leaving behind a pile of his organs. The Predator takes his body, but leaves his pack and weapon, giving Dutch the first indication that what's following them isn't the rebels of the area.


Sergeant "Mac" Eliot (Bill Duke) is a close friend of Blain's; they served in Vietnam together and were the only two members of their platoon to make it out alive after a night-long battle. Both he and Blain are unfriendly towards Dillon. After Dillon lags behind and potentially makes their presence known, Mac threatens to kill him. He is the first to harm the Predator, by shooting him in revenge after Blain's death. He is also the first of the team to see the Predator (albeit in its camouflaged state). Enraged and saddened by the murder of Blain, he swears that he will avenge Blain's death. Later Mac and Dillon go after the Predator together, which kills Mac by shooting him in the head with its plasma caster. His line, "Anytime", is mimicked by the Predator throughout the film, in a mocking fashion.


James "Jim" Hopper was an old friend of Dutch. He was the leader of an experienced and well-armed unit of Green Berets. They were the first team sent to raid the rebel encampment, but were waylaid by the Predator. Dutch and his men find them hanging from trees with their skin ripped off and can only identify them by their dog tags. The novelization states that Hopper served with Dutch in black ops in Malaysia.

General Phillips

Major General Homer Phillips (R.G. Armstrong) sends Dutch's team on the mission. He is later seen in the rescue helicopter sent to get the team.

The "Jungle Hunter" Predator

{{#invoke:main|main}} The titular humanoid extraterrestrial (Kevin Peter Hall) is a member of an alien warrior race which hunts aggressive members of other species for sport, uses active camouflage, a plasma weapon and can see in the infrared spectrum. He eventually kills every member of Dutch's team and nearly kills him until Dutch traps it under a log. The Predator, however, tries to kill himself and Dutch with a self-destruct device, but Dutch escapes, while the Predator is killed by its own bomb.

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