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Twenty Years' Anarchy
Leontios 695–698
Tiberios III 698–705
Justinian II 705–711
with Tiberius as co-emperor, 706–711
Philippikos Bardanes 711–713
Anastasios II 713–715
Theodosios III 715–717
Preceded by
Heraclian dynasty
Followed by
Isaurian dynasty

Leontios (or Leontius) (Greek: Λεόντιος{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}, Latin: LEONTIVS{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}) (died 15 February 706)<ref name="Kazhdan, pg. 1212">Kazhdan, pg. 1212</ref> was Byzantine emperor from 695 to 698. He came to power by overthrowing the Emperor Justinian II, but was overthrown in his turn by Tiberios III. His actual and official name was Leo (Λέων, Leōn), but he is known by the name used for him in Byzantine chronicles.

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