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Language documentation is the process by which a language is documented from a documentary linguistics perspective. It aims to "to provide a comprehensive record of the linguistic practices characteristic of a given speech community"<ref>"Documentary and descriptive linguistics", Nikolaus P. Himmelmann (1998). Linguistics 36:166. Berlin: de Gruyter.</ref><ref>Gippert, Jost, Nikolaus P. Himmelmann, Ulrike Mosel (eds.), 2006. Essentials of Language Documentation. Berlin: Mouton - de Gruyter</ref><ref>Woodbury, Anthony. 2003. Defining Language documentation in Peter K. Austin (ed.) Language Documentation and Description, Vol 1, 35-51. SOAS.</ref> Language documentation seeks to create as thorough a record as possible of the speech community for both posterity and language revitalization. Language documentation also provides a firmer foundation for linguistic analysis in that it creates a citable set of materials in the language on which claims about the structure of the language can be based.

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