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Naval Ensign of Germany.svg
MDS 62 Konteradmiral Trp.svg MDJA 62 Konteradmiral Trp Lu.svg MA OG5 62 Konteradmiral.svg
shoulder board / cuff title / mounting loop
Rank insignia German officer rank
Rank group Commissioned officers
Navy Konteradmiral
Army / Air Force Generalleutnant
Army Major general
Navy Rear admiral

Konteradmiral, abbreviated KAdm or KADM, is the second lowest naval flag officer rank rank in the German Navy. It is equivalent to Generalmajor in the Heer and Luftwaffe or to Admiralstabsarzt and Generalstabsarzt in the Zentraler Sanitätsdienst der Bundeswehr.

In the German Navy Konteradmiral is equivalent to rear admiral, a two-star rank with a NATO code of OF-7. However, in the former German-speaking naval forces of the Imperial German Navy (Kaiserliche Marine), the Nazi Kriegsmarine, the East German Volksmarine and the Austro-Hungarian K.u.K. Kriegsmarine, Konteradmiral was an OF-6 one-star officer rank.

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