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Personal life Rhee married Heather Morris, sister of the UKTA's official photographer, in 1969.<ref name="RheeAKH2011"/> Their eldest son, Andrew Kang-Hae Rhee (born 1970), is a 7th dan taekwondo instructor based in Sydney, Australia.<ref name="AndrewRhee">United Kingdom Taekwon-Do Association: Other Masters Retrieved on 4 November 2009.</ref><ref name="GP2010">Anonymous (2010): Training under the best Goulburn Post (8 January 2010). Retrieved on 30 January 2010.</ref><ref name="ITFA2011">International Taekwon-Do Federation of Australasia: Master Andrew K. H. Rhee, VII Dan (2011). Retrieved on 18 August 2011.</ref>

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