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Early life Rhee was born on 20 March 1938 in Seoul, Korea,<ref name="RheeAKH2011">Rhee, A. K.-H. (2011): First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha Retrieved on 18 August 2011.</ref><ref name="Derby">Derby School of Taekwon-Do: Forty years of Taekwon-Do in the United Kingdom Retrieved on 13 January 2010; link updated on 25 January 2012.</ref> during the period of Japanese occupation. He is the eldest of seven children of Rhee Yung Ei and Ahn Soon Rae.<ref name="RheeAKH2011"/> Rhee's martial arts training began when he was around 7 or 8 years of age, learning judo from his father,<ref name="RITA"/> and he was the only one of his siblings to pursue the martial arts.<ref name="RheeAKH2011"/> He later learned karate from one of his schoolteachers.<ref name="RITA"/>

When Rhee served in the South Korean military forces, he came into contact with Choi Hong Hi and learned taekwondo in the 35th Infantry Division.<ref name="RITA"/> Rhee was a key figure in the introduction of taekwondo across the world, contributing to demonstrations in many different countries.<ref name="Park1993"/><ref name="Vitale2009">Vitale, G. (2009): A history of Taekwon-Do demo's (sic) Totally Tae Kwon Do, 5:41–45.</ref> He later taught taekwondo to the US 8th Army and, in 1964, travelled to Singapore, where he trained Royal Air Force (RAF) personnel at RAF Changi.<ref name="RITA"/> Through the late 1960s and 1970s, Rhee was a key member of the taekwondo demonstration teams that accompanied H. H. Choi around the world.<ref name="Cox2004">Cox, S. (c. 2004): The history of Taekwon-Do and its founder Retrieved on 3 February 2010.</ref>

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