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Names "Khoemana" (from khoe 'person' + mana 'language') is more commonly known as either Korana {{#invoke:IPAc-en|main}} (also ΗƒOra {{#invoke:IPAc-en|main}} ~ !Gora),<ref>The -na is a grammatical suffix</ref> or Griqua (also Gri [xri], Xri, Xiri, Xirikwa),<ref>The -kwa is also a grammatical suffix. The letter "g" for the sound [[[{{#invoke:IPA symbol|main}}|x]]] reflects Afrikaans orthography</ref> and sometimes as Cape Khoe or Cape Hottentot. The names are often treated as different languages (called South Khoekhoe when taken together), but they do not correspond to any actual dialect distinctions, and speakers may use "Korana" and "Griqua" interchangeably. Both names are also used more broadly, for example for the mixed-race Griqua people. There are (or were) several dialects of Khoemana, but the details are unknown.<ref name=killian/>

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