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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}}{{#invoke:Side box|main}} Kalle, is a masculine given name of North Germanic origin, a variation of Karl. In Sweden, people named Karl are commonly nicknamed Kalle. The name is also found in Finland and Estonia. Notable people with the name include:

  • Kalle Anttila (1887–1975), Finnish freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestler and Olympic medalist
  • Kalle Bask (born 1982), Finnish sailor and Olympic competitor
  • Kalle Björklund (born 1953), Swedish footballer
  • Kalle Brink (born 1975), Swedish professional golfer
  • Kalle Coster (born 1982), Dutch sailor and Olympic medalist
  • Kalle Dalin (born 1975), Swedish orienteering competitor
  • Kalle Eerola (born 1983), Finnish professional football midfielder
  • Kalle Havulinna (born 1924), Finnish professional ice hockey player
  • Kalle Jalkanen (1907–1941), Finnish cross-country skier and Olympic medalist
  • Kalle Kaijomaa (born 1984), Finnish ice hockey defenceman
  • Kalle Kainuvaara (1891–1943), Finnish diver and Olympic competitor
  • Kalle Käsper (born 1952), Estonian author
  • Kalle Katajisto (born 1991), Finnish motorcycle speedway rider
  • Kalle Kauppi (born 1992), Finnish footballer
  • Kalle Keituri (born 1984), Finnish ski jumper and Olympic competitor
  • Kalle Kiik (born 1963), Estonian chess player and coach
  • Kalle Kiiskinen (born 1975), Finnish curler and Olympic competitor
  • Kalle Könkkölä (born 1950), Finnish politician
  • Kalle Kriit (born 1983), Estonian professional racing cyclist
  • Kalle Kulbok (born 1956), Estonian politician
  • Kalle Lappalainen (1877–1965), Finnish sport shooter and Olympic medalist
  • Kalle Larsson (born 1969), Swedish politician
  • Kalle Lasn (born 1942), Estonian-born Canadian film maker, author, magazine editor and activist
  • Kalle Lassila (born 1985), Finnish cross country skier and Olympic competitor
  • Kalle Maalahti (born 1991), Finnish professional ice hockey player
  • Kalle Mäkinen (born 1989), Finnish footballer
  • Kalle Mattson (born 1990), Canadian musician
  • Kalle Mikkonen (born 1976), Finnish sprint canoer and Olympic competitor
  • Kalle Moraeus (born 1963), Swedish musician
  • Kalle Multanen (born 1989), Finnish professional footballer
  • Kalle Nämdeman (1883–1945), Swedish songwriter, performer and recording artist
  • Kalle Olsson (born 1985), Swedish professional ice hockey player
  • Kalle Päätalo, (1919–2000), Finnish novelist
  • Kalle Palander (born 1977), Finnish alpine skier
  • Kalle Palling (born 1985), Estonian politician
  • Kalle Parviainen (born 1982), Finnish football striker
  • Kalle Randalu (born 1956), Estonian pianist
  • Kalle Samuelsson (born 1986), Swedish Bandy player
  • Kalle Spjuth (born 1984), Swedish Bandy player
  • Kalle Svensson (1925–2000), Swedish football goalkeeper
  • Kalle Tuppurainen (1904–1954), Finnish skier and Olympic competitor
  • Kalle Varonen (born 1974), Finnish freestyle swimmer
  • Kalle Vellevoog (born 1963), Estonian architect
  • Kalle Westerdahl (born 1966), Swedish film and television actor
  • Kalle Westerlund (1897–1972), Finnish wrestler and Olympic medalist

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