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Current members

  • Ian Hill – bass, backing vocals (1970–present)
  • Rob Halford – vocals (1973–1992, 2003–present)
  • Glenn Tipton – guitars, keyboards, synthesiser, backing vocals (1974–present)
  • Scott Travis – drums, percussion (1989–present)
  • Richie Faulkner – guitars, backing vocals (2011–present)


<timeline> ImageSize = width:800 height:auto barincrement:20 PlotArea = left:120 bottom:60 top:10 right:10 Alignbars = justify DateFormat = mm/dd/yyyy Period = from:01/01/1969 till:01/01/2016 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal format:yyyy Legend = orientation:horizontal position:bottom ScaleMajor = increment:5 start:1970 ScaleMinor = increment:1 start:1971

Colors =

  id:vocals value:red     legend:Vocals
  id:guitar value:green   legend:Guitar
  id:keys   value:orange  legend:Keyboards
  id:bass   value:blue    legend:Bass
  id:drums  value:purple  legend:Drums
  id:Lines  value:black   legend:Studio Albums
  id:Lines2 value:gray(0.45) legend:Live Albums

BarData =

  bar:Al text:"Al Atkins"
  bar:Rob text:"Rob Halford"
  bar:Tim text:"Tim 'Ripper' Owens"
  bar:KK text:"K. K. Downing"
  bar:Glenn text:"Glenn Tipton"
  bar:Richie text:"Richie Faulkner"
  bar:Ian text:"Ian Hill"
  bar:John text:"John Ellis"
  bar:Alan text:"Alan Moore"
  bar:Chris text:"Chris 'Congo' Campbell"
  bar:JohnH text:"John Hinch"
  bar:Simon text:"Simon Phillips"
  bar:Les text:"Les Binks"
  bar:Dave text:"Dave Holland"
  bar:Scott text:"Scott Travis"

PlotData =

  width:10 textcolor:black align:left anchor:from shift:(10,-4)
  bar:Ian from:01/01/1970 till:01/01/1993 color:bass 
  bar:Ian from:01/01/1996 till:end color:bass 
  bar:KK from:01/01/1970  till:01/01/1993 color:guitar
  bar:KK from:01/01/1996  till:04/20/2011 color:guitar
  bar:Glenn from:01/01/1974 till:01/01/1993 color:guitar
  bar:Glenn from:01/01/1974 till:01/01/1993 color:keys width:3
  bar:Glenn from:01/01/1996 till:end color:guitar
  bar:Glenn from:01/01/1996 till:end color:keys width:3
  bar:Richie from:04/21/2011 till:end color:guitar
  bar:Al from:01/01/1969 till:01/01/1973 color:vocals
  bar:Rob from:01/01/1973 till:01/01/1993 color:vocals
  bar:Tim from:01/01/1996 till:05/17/2003 color:vocals 
  bar:Rob from:06/01/2003 till:end color:vocals
  bar:John from:01/01/1970 till:01/01/1971 color:drums
  bar:Alan from:01/01/1971 till:01/01/1972 color:drums
  bar:Alan from:01/01/1975 till:12/31/1976 color:drums
  bar:Chris from:01/01/1972 till:01/01/1973 color:drums
  bar:Simon from:12/31/1976 till:05/30/1977 color:drums
  bar:Les from:07/30/1977 till:06/30/1979 color:drums
  bar:Dave from:06/30/1979 till:06/30/1989 color:drums
  bar:Scott from:06/30/1989 till:01/01/1993 color:drums
  bar:Scott from:01/01/1996 till:end color:drums
  bar:JohnH from:01/01/1973 till:01/01/1975 color:drums

LineData =

  at:09/06/1974 color:black layer:back
  at:03/23/1976 color:black layer:back
  at:04/23/1977 color:black layer:back
  at:02/10/1978 color:black layer:back
  at:10/09/1978 color:black layer:back
  at:04/14/1980 color:black layer:back
  at:02/26/1981 color:black layer:back
  at:07/17/1982 color:black layer:back
  at:01/04/1984 color:black layer:back
  at:04/15/1986 color:black layer:back
  at:05/17/1988 color:black layer:back
  at:09/03/1990 color:black layer:back
  at:10/28/1997 color:black layer:back
  at:07/31/2001 color:black layer:back
  at:02/28/2005 color:black layer:back
  at:06/17/2008 color:black layer:back
  at:07/14/2014 color:black layer:back
  at:10/21/1979 color:Lines2 layer:back
  at:06/21/1987 color:Lines2 layer:back
  at:09/28/1998 color:Lines2 layer:back
  at:04/08/2003 color:Lines2 layer:back
  at:07/14/2009 color:Lines2 layer:back


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