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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}} Johann Palisa (December 6, 1848 – May 2, 1925) was an Austrian astronomer, born in Troppau in Austrian Silesia (now in the Czech Republic).

He was a prolific discoverer of asteroids, discovering 122 in all, from 136 Austria in 1874 to 1073 Gellivara in 1923. Some of his notable discoveries include 153 Hilda, 216 Kleopatra, 243 Ida, 253 Mathilde, 324 Bamberga, and the Amor asteroid 719 Albert.

The asteroid 914 Palisana and the crater Palisa on the Moon were named in his honour. He was awarded the Valz Prize from the French Academy of Sciences in 1906.<ref name=Nature1906>{{#invoke:Citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=journal }}</ref>

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