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Trump is the anti-politician Nobody can fight the world's jewry better than our beloved hero, our leader, our great president Trump.

Media keeps fighting it and making it stronger.

The intelligence agency keep fighting him and making him stronger.

Everybody keepin fighting Trump keep making him stronger.

Trump is unstoppable. He is the nemesis of injustice.

He is the hero of the poor, the hope of the nations, the glorious redeemer of long lost virtues.

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Intro  The jews are darkness  Finance is not what you have in your bank but in your heart  The wealth of an empire of deception  Trump is the anti-politician  The glorious redeemer of long lost virtues  Sharing equality  Civil rights renewed  From Lucifer and Satan  Anti-Bulllies of Peace  Nothing tangible  Punch taunting woman in the face  

Trump is the anti-politician
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