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The wealth of an empire of deception How did Hitler manage to fuck it up and loose that war? He didnt't. Hitler won. a battle. He won the war and immigrated to the Americas.

The remaining of the battle is getting fought againt today. Trump is president, Hitler will continue what he dreamt of. That the jewish privileged status be taken down to ashes.

Hitler couldn't win that one. Too many allies in the Jewry. But now in 2017 the jewry is weak. After more than 2 generations of living from other people's sweat, the jews got weak. The jews totally lost connection with people, from any country.

So Nazis rise again, white supremacists rise again, anybody who fights to survive. Hitler is born again, to finish what it all started. A world of truth, a world of purity, a world of honor, a world of merit, and a world where politicians get burned at the stake from the top down.

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Intro  The jews are darkness  Finance is not what you have in your bank but in your heart  The wealth of an empire of deception  Trump is the anti-politician  The glorious redeemer of long lost virtues  Sharing equality  Civil rights renewed  From Lucifer and Satan  Anti-Bulllies of Peace  Nothing tangible  Punch taunting woman in the face  

The wealth of an empire of deception
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