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The jews are darkness Jesus Hitler wanted us to stop chasing the light, and come out of darkness, not after Gold, but after our values, not sharing, not unity, not all these jewish values of family, but values of strength, courage, honor.

That's what is in the mind of all prophets, liberators of false gods. Gold is no gold. It's a false god.

Everything was imprinted, by the jewish press, to make us believe that Gold means pure, gold means riches and gold means light.

It is nothing further than the truth. Gold is the maya of ancient mazda, the jewish princess of evil. The weapons used by Satan to kill all humanity.

So indeed Lucifer, against the jews, do some work of Satan, but is not satan, satan wants the destruction of all human life. Lucifer wants people to stop suffering.

Jews make the world suffer, by distributing the metal to the masses, so as the one who holds it is privileged. The jews themselves, the bankers, the jewish instistution, internaational finance.

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The jews are darkness
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