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The glorious redeemer of long lost virtues The jews are running. Trying to save their core, their evil side. They are running and leaving the U.S. Going to Canada, going to Europe.

The jews are leaving. White supremacists are rising.

White supremacists are getting in the light again. The jews are going in the shadows.

The ying yang manifest. Equality and sharing are again prime values. They are not two values, it's the same value. You can only share equality.

Equality is not to be divided, equality is not melting pots, and gay rights and other jewish agenda minimiser of nation to nothingness.

Gays can survive in a Nazi state, running, saving themselves, until their time to get in the dark arrives again, and the gays and jews to step in the light again.

That might be in a thousand years or so. In the age of Aquarius complete. But right now it's the end of the age of the Pisces. And Jesus and Hitler are showing up again, to bring light to the underworld, the world that was not privilged for thousand of years:

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The glorious redeemer of long lost virtues
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