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Nothing tangible They are not made of money, therefore they are not made of corruption. They are made of values.

You can laugh liberals and other democratic fools. But the America is a Republic again. America was never a democracy.

Will never be, democracies fail.

The lion is a lion again.

The bear is a bear.

The moon is the moon.

The sun is the sun.

North Korea is the sun.

Why change what cannot be changed but by force, by strength, by will, by might, by courage, by integrity, by visions, by humanity?

Because humanity cannot let fallacies go unpunished for too long. The mind should know what's king? Rules or love? The mind or the heart?

Both need one another. The gays are shooting their brains out by fucking each other too hard with toys in sensitive places.

Women should know where their place is. Behind strength.

A cop who punches a woman in the face should not resign. He should get a medal.

That woman was taunting him. Making a fool of laws, they were anti force, anti authorities.

The man taking the video was another anarchist.

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Nothing tangible
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