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Anti-Bulllies of Peace When peace is the great bully, fighting peace is creating a new peace. Exploding it into a new state. A state of values.

The implosion of America, is necessary.

Jews should run, minorities should run, the rich should run. Because the world is changing, the intelligence community, the nazis survived, are ready for the next Reich.

Humanity is ready for the next Reich.

The Chinese are ready for the next Reich.

Putin is ready for the next Reich.

Russia, China, U.S.A., Europe, begone.

The new world order is right in the office.

It's official.

It's a world where China gets hit on the head, where North Korea comes out first. A world where Russia don't look like bad.

It's the world of values, strong men.

Of course fagetty men, gays and minorities who don't like big balls up between their legs, cry.

Jews cry. Their idolatry for mothers and princesses, ends here.

They can start idolatring nothingness. That's what all these new order people are made of. Nothing tangible.

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Anti-Bulllies of Peace
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