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win win win for jews Doctors are giving diagnostics of mental diseases to real Americans. They have no choice, doctors are dictated what high scientist and the advance of science dictates. Except, that, like global warming, it's only politcally motivated, and scientifically biased.

America great again, know that there is nothing wrong with you for thinking there is a big conspiracy, for being distracted or for being irresponsible.

If you are distracted, it's by jewish design:

  • Hollywood's movie that just asks for "What just happened?"
  • Advertisement at all costs even in your Facebook page.
  • Rumors campaign, if you hear something false more than once it must be true.

America great again needs to start by draining the swamp.

This swamp includes people who get alienated by movies, screens and other screens everywhere. Alienating news network where anchors seem chosen for their low intelligence, and highly convincing nature.

And yes, colorful people need to be put in place at all levels of government, you know these people who call a jew a scum, and a lie a fucking lie.

This is required, as our world went to far in the jewish negative consciousness.

Jews are locking the psyche by providing lies on top of lies, on top of lies.

This makes people, crazy, and ultimately asking for truth.

Truth is the only thing that can save people and answer people's answer.

Manufactured alienation is reinforcing how much we cannot live without truth.

This is what holds people together, this is what holds couple together, family together.

WIthout truth, people are unhappy, and need pill to manufacture themselves a happy life.

Lies actually need pigments of truth here and there to build lies on. A bit the same way as with manufactured diamonds, you need real piece of tiny diamond to manufacture the false diamond. It's called the seed.

If you could only imagine how happy you would be without a phoney world, where nobody can be trusted, you would advocate the truth. You can't advocate the truth without point at the manufacturers of lies, and the jews are at the core of all lies, universal lies, global lies, worldwide lies.

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win win win for jews
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