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Universal vs Private Insurance In the private insurance business, a private insurance company gets paid by tax payers, employers, and employees.

In a Universal Healthcare business, an insurance company gets paid by tax payers, employers, and employees. More money for the insurer, less service for the insured.

In other words Doctors get paid premium prices, because the parties who pay them are very powerful. The goverment, the insurance companies.

Jews love to criticize, make fun of, ridicule. Their power is based on denigration, lowering others.

Jews do this to curtain that they are the lowest human specie. They shouldn't be citizen of any country.

When Jews are citizen of a country, they suck it dry. Make it weak.

American great again, does not compute with jew's power. Jew's power come out of weakness.

Jews power come from the fact that they victimize their history, to make them look good, and at the same time, to be untouchable.

With Universal health insurance, jews are propping themselves up for yet other decades of living above other standards. It's not just a win for the jews, it's a win win, and a win win win.

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Universal vs Private Insurance
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