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Universal healthcare weakens people Universal healthcare does not profit people, it weakens them. It does not give them health insurance, it gives people who are against you more power against you. The jews are making up the scientific community who dictates what doctors tell you. The jews are making up the drug industry who dictates what doctors can describe.

When you go see a doctor, you are essentially seeing someone who does not know anything, except that if you are not a jew, you can be labeled as white trash, or other race. The only way you can get treatment, and even illegal treatment is by flagging your jewish insignia.

When jews were labeled with a jewish insignia in WWII, it was to be protected, not the negative fantasy that jews fabricated. Jews were protected by this insignia, they didn't have to go to war, they didn't have to fight, and they didn't have to starve. Soldiers died, civilians died, and alas Jews were exempt from all carnage.

What happened?

Hitler was popular in Germany. The Germans resonated with his accusations. After all the only people living comfortably in Germany were the Jews. Jews always managed to live better than the population they leech on.

They do this by getting citizenship in the country host. Then they use their power and cunning abilities to endanger anybody that is not jew. They take away their government, they take away their thoughts through control of the media and the underlying use of mass communications.

The thing is that mass communication only achieves the following things:

  • Push the Jewish Agenda
    • Disempower people for the sake of a few, the jews and their minions.

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Universal healthcare weakens people
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