Universal healthcare kills the psyche of citizens::Jews And Universal Healthcare


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Universal healthcare kills the psyche of citizens This is nothing but hypocrisy.

If only you knew what Universal healthcare is you wouldn't want it.

Principles of Universal Healthcare:

  • It costs you more than you are ready to pay for. That's why it has to be free.
    • Jewish doctors, jewish pharma, jewish media, jewish mafia are the great profiters of Universal healthcare.

Universal means Jewish, look at Universal Studio, wait up, what do I mean by that?

Historically jews are not universal, they are outcasts, people know they just want to screw non-jews over. You can't trust them.

So they were banished in every city in the world: New-York was walled, in what was called wall street. Today it was legitimized, and is known as a stock exchange.

In Paris, there is a similar neighborhood were jewish were walled.

These jewish neighborhoods were walled because of their use of usury. Essentially profiting from someone's labor at their own expense.

It was for long illegal, because immoral, and because inhuman.

However the jews found a way to buy out and corrupt politicians, if not place them de-facto, in order to legitimize their scum.

Everything Universal is pro-jew, since accepting Jews as citizens is part of the universality jewish need to prosper.

Definitely jews should not be part of the universal citizenship of people.

Jews are only advocating universal healthcare because they have citizenship already. They can prosper on it. They can prosper on diagnosing patients with mental diseases, and killing their souls.

Jews are intrinsically stupid, selfish and traitors, contrary to what the jewish media was inclined to spread out as information, facts or news. There is nothing new about jews being the enemy of the people.

Jews were despised in the world before Israel existed. They have been despised from the beginning of time, because of their lack of integrity, they have one word for the jews, and one word for the gentiles. Their hypocrisy is targeted.

Jews are circumventing any single law in America, during job interview, they flag their jewish motherland card, and they get top jobs. Not because of merit, not because of university degrees, but because they are jews between top jews.

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Universal healthcare kills the psyche of citizens
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