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Truth is the cure People who call garbage garbage, and jews garbage, are saviors in this day and age.

Jesus was already a motherfucker to the jews, he accused them, held them accountable, held them responsible.

Well, of course, he now transpires in Hollywood and other controlling churches as a meek guy.

He was no meek, he was not. Just read his words, not the words of Paul.

Paul was likely corrupt and simple, since he was the only apostle who could write, he was chosen to be in the bible, as some of you might know, the bible texts were chosen by the powers in place at the time, the jews. Without choices, the bible would have been in hundred's volumes. So the vatican, holds the truth.

The vatican as always been on the side of power. It doesn't matter if it's a dictator, an elected president... the vatican tangoes.

The vatican is corrupt by money and wealth, these people in Rome are hands in hands with other people with money and wealth, namely our nemesis here, Israelites.

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Truth is the cure
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