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Evil by association of related ideas What's coming is that the budget deficit to cover universal healthcare is going to get greater and greater every year.

This deficit can never been repaid, since Jewish bankers profit from interests.

So banks keep lobbying to throw more budget in Universal Healthcare.

Quickly, the United States as a country, becomes associated with the budget hole that is the American health care.

The association of ideas, between the U.S. and its Healthcare become one quickly. You cannot discern between the two.

Then what becomes bankrupt is not the universal healthcare but the U.S.

What this does is that the real citizen of the U.S. become depressed. Once again by association.

It goes like this, by association of ideas, by association of related concepts:

Universal healthcare is bankrupt -> U.S. is bankrupt -> I am American so I am broke.

This is the evil of the jewish agenda.

If you don't believe me, go see other countries with universal healthcare and see ... they are countries who are jewish sympathizers, and they are country with lots of problems, essentially countries that suck.

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Evil by association of related ideas
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