Drain the swamp::Jews And Universal Healthcare


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Drain the swamp Chuck Schumer Senator of jewish controlled New York, now you know why the jew is selling us a universal healthcare. It's not for our own good, it's not for America great again. It's for Jewish supremacy.

Reince Priebus was replaced because he was a jew sympathizer, leeching to their media for favors. It's so sad the international media is owned by jews. As a good note, the American media is getting a face lift. More people read real American Media, and it feels good to read words whose ideas are still associated with their concepts, the truth is back on track.

Jews And Universal Healthcare sections
Intro  Explanation  Universal vs Private Insurance  win win win for jews  Truth is the cure  Universal healthcare weakens people  Universal healthcare kills the psyche of citizens  Jesus did not advocate Universal Healthcare  The jewish cash cow  Evil by association of related ideas  Drain the swamp  Make America Great Again  

Drain the swamp
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