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Kobain had by the jews Kobain could be seen in Las Vegas, the true Kobain, not an impersonator, 7 years after his death. Short hair, same knuckles, same energy, same power. People in Vegas still called him Curtis. Because in the closed world of secretive Vegas, it was not a secret to croupiers and casino workers.

Then Grunge became mainstream, getting sold for high prices in jewish owned boutiques such as forever 21 and other sears, Nordstrom, what have you.

Now almost 20 years after Curt Kobain’s death, grunge still sell and give high profit to jews.

None of that nonsense would have happened if Kurt was not asked to disappear.

He had no choice, fake death or real death. Seeing the face of Curt in Vegas, I would have said that he was not depressed, but he surely didn’t have any purpose no more. Or rather, no power.

He couldn’t scream, or sing, or play the music for fans no more. Because he was announced dead, by the media, to the global consciousness, nobody wanted to pass for a Looney by stating they saw him.

People would not even turn around if you said the real Curt Kobain walked in. Nobody wants to loose face in a casual joke. So just the drunks turned around and then thought it’s time to stop drinking.

Not Ironically, by design, Cobain would be seen in the Hard Rock Cafe where one of his guitar is displayed.

It’s the world of dark power, get informed, fight it, good power is your balls.

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Kobain had by the jews
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