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Egypt Stolen from its Gold In Jewdom, the only way to make it is to be a Jew. But that’s only by birth, by design. The ultimate closed society you will ever find. The religion itself is anti-democratic but it strives on making the best buck on democratic values.

Since it strives on devil’s values. Our Satan, our Maya, our Mazda.

Using the Christian, Hindu and Muslim values of compassion, forgiveness, and mostly kindness.

They strive as ruthless controller of human slavery.

Kindness is just weakness for a jew.

U.S.A. should reverse citizenship for jews, to save itself. And yes, they wouldn’t be people any longer. But that will keep them in line with taking advantage of the rest of us, humans.

So our democratic U.S.A. can remain a true democracy, the jews should be told off and sent back where they came from. Lower grade citizen for the very reason they don’t play by the rules of the majority. They don’t play humanly in the sense of truth, freedom and good as common sense.

Why is that? because their religion is based on non-jews as playdough.

If a jew looses money to a jew, it’s still part of their God. If a jew looses power over non-jews, it’s retaliation in astronomic consequences.

If you want to see the true face of a jew, tell them what you think. They will disappear, like to punish you, they will never want to see you again. Outcast you.

The thing is that Jews should be hung by their bootstrap for what they have done to our people.

We should point their fingers at them, burn them on the stake. That’s what at stake. Them or us all.

Always been like that. To stop them, read through the media, and understand that everything you were told about the Jews as decent people was hypocrisy.

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Egypt Stolen from its Gold
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