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Cannibal Holocaust Talking about movies Cannibal Holocaust is gruesome. It condemns our society at large. The jews, power, our cruelty and our society build on cannibalism and vampirism.

The nice little monkey gets chopped off in it.

    That’s you, that’s us, we are living in a snuff reality, forget fiction.

Stop paying for movies. Who do you think Hollywood feeds? Slaves.

Free them.

Hollywood is dead anyway. Jews can’t build something for too long. They are rapist slum. Look at the Polish French Roman Polanski.

The only reason he got successful is that he is jewish. The only reason he is not in Jail, is that he is jewish. Poland, France, despicable jewish infected nations.

They need be freed from impurities. Dictators of good must take over the planet and free this plane from the source of evil.

It’s the world of dark power, get informed, fight it, good power is your balls.

Benevolent Dictators

Cannibalism is surely the greatest thing in a cannibalistic tribe.

Even the one eaten can truly believe it’s for its best.

It’s not. It takes reason, it takes detachment from devil’s work. Then our human side shows up.

Our human side, at first they famished us to repress it, but then our animal side was impossible to control.

So they fed us more and more to the point where we become so fat and detached we are disconnected from our human nature.

People die by the numbers and we can’t care less than wether our donnut is stale or the coffee overbrewed.

I’ll tell you what. If people die, it’s only to keep us grounded.

So realize you are not in a fluffly world. You are a monster if you float too much. Detached from reality, our nation becomes weak, our leaders become subserviant, to the Jews. Who will not pass on any opportunity to promise unlimited powers.

Jews promised powers to Napoleon, Napoleon granted the jews with citizenship. Napoleon ended up in jail and France became a terrorist nation.

Jews promised powers to the U.S. The federal reserve would solve the currency issues. Issues were created by jews in the first place, speculating and usuring. As soon as the federal reserve was granted legal powers, the titanic went down and with it all the advocates against the federal reserve. All this bankers and politicians had been invited… to their doom.

The Titanic was bombed. Planned out, the jews will not concede less evil by given niceties. They will go on and on, assassinate JFK, and now behind the killing of Americans on our soil by purposedly terrorist attacks.

The sole beneficiary of ISIS is Israel.

It’s the world of dark power, get informed, fight it, good power is your balls.

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Cannibal Holocaust
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