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A World With Poor Jews What a sight of pleasure, where we can enjoy our Christian, Hindu and Muslim values of equality.

Truly, not the one to serve them jews, as chosen ones, as victim ones, or as survivor ones. Truly, none of these nonsensical lies. Truly we are all equal, meaning the jews need to be non-citizen, otherwise they will twist our beautiful human values into garbage, into hypocrisy, into political correctness, into jewish dominion of power: Hide all truth that jewish power came from slavery, not their own, but theme enslaving Egyptians, and then the non-jewish world at large, the gentiles, the Good.

Good for goods is jewish motto. Good men are not made to produce, they are made to rule.

The bad men are meant to produce. That would be the rapists, the polanskis, the greedy, the poor souls.

Without Jews, Countries go smooth and last. Strip jews of wealth.

Power and influence they won’t have no more.

Get jews’ wealth back to their owners, Egyptians. Stolen from their gold, Egyptians lost their Gods.

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Intro  A World With Poor Jews  Egypt Stolen from its Gold  Truth or Hypocrisy - What\u2019s best for your children?  Kobain had by the jews  Hitler\u2019s Second Book  Good men don\u2019t do nothing   Cannibal Holocaust  Israel - Terrorist State  Russia Has Strong Men  Jews Can\u2019t Please Women  

A World With Poor Jews
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