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Career Lipson played character parts, and was usually uncredited. Due to his rotund, towering figure, Lipson gained the nickname "Tiny" and was usually cast as the "fat guy" in films.<ref> Jack "Tiny" Lipson bio</ref> He played the role of King Vultan the 1936 classic Flash Gordon. In 1941, he appeared in Never Give a Sucker an Even Break as a Turkish passenger aboard an airplane with W. C. Fields, whose mumbled remarks about the passenger's size prompt the retort, "You a big nose have it!"<ref>Fields, W. C. (1973). W. C. Fields in Never give a sucker an even break and Tillie and Gus: Volume 37 of Classic film scripts. Lorrimer. p. 42.</ref> Two years later, Lipson portrayed a German sailor in the Three Stooges' short Back from the Front, in which he is knocked unconscious and collapses on top of a suffocating Larry Fine. Moe Howard comes to the rescue and quips, "Woah, a German whale!"<ref> - Back From the Front</ref>

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