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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}}Ivory Brandon Harris, known as B-Stupid, is a drug trafficker from New Orleans, Louisiana, United States who gained notoriety when police accused him of committing murders in Houston and New Orleans. After a 2006 arrest and 2007 plea deal he is in a Federal Bureau of Prisons prison as of 2008.

Police said that Harris was associated with the "Dooney Boys," a group formed in the Magnolia Projects (C.J. Peete Projects) public housing community.<ref name="TargetManhuntHere">Crowe, Robert. "Target of manhunt here wanted in New Orleans." Houston Chronicle. March 10, 2006. Retrieved on January 7, 2009.</ref>

Prior to Hurricane Katrina, Harris had been arrested at least eight times during the 2000s and charged with murder twice; police could not get anyone to testify against him, so police could not convict him of any serious crimes.<ref>Hylton, Hillary. "The Gangs of New Orleans." TIME. Sunday May 14, 2006. Retrieved on January 7, 2009. 3.</ref><ref name="HoustonNOFailures">Cobb, Kim. "New Orleans failures led crime here." Houston Chronicle. February 4, 2006. Retrieved on January 7, 2009.</ref>

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