Laws are made for Justice::Israel Unlawful by United Nations Resolution


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Laws are made for Justice Israelites: stop fucking with our laws.

Laws are not made for taking advantage of the world.

Laws are not made to create a world where the jews can be chosen, superior or anything else more powerful than others.

Jerusalem's return to the arab world

Benjamin Netanyahu is just a fascist disguised as a jew.

Stand for good people. Be harsh if you stand for goodness, because there is always someone to take advantage of kindness. There is always a jew to take advantage of Christian values.

Evil doers and benefactors are pretty much doing the same actions. But look at their intentions.

That's the intention that counts. The U.S. is an anti-bully. Can look like bullies for the undiscerning eye.

But with Israel as an ally, we can't stand too long protecting bullies. The benefit of the doubt is over. The benefit of the doubt was a total mistake in the first place.

Jews are not good, haven't been good since they stole God form Egyptians, killed Jesus, killed JFK, enslaved the world with the federal reserve.

What else do you need? a testimony?

Jews will never tell a single bit of truth. See truth is power and greed is what define the Jew. It's in their religion. The only way out of this putrid race is to a define them as a subrace that they are.

Only then the world will find peace. But until the white race realizes that jews are not white but the exception to the rule: They are jews. And they are the reason the white race is so ugly.

It's the reason why the white race is so divided. It has toxic microbes, rampant ugly devils in it.

Jews should be prevented from power, government, and offices.

They should not be allowed to acquire citizenship.

That's the only rule.

Citizenship is the key to Jews taking over the world by fierce bullying, corruption, destabilizing countries, drugging and raping our children in all impunity, see Roman Polanski.

Jews are so stupid and weak, they can only do deceptive business to survive.

Hiding behind antisemetic laws.

If the world is antisemite, go crying Benjamin Netanyahu. Certainly don't ask for a reason. You filthy pig.

You look like an arab Nazi.

You should be hung by the bootstrap and go back inside your jewish mother.

Your motherland is rotten with corruption, resentment, jews taking advantage of jews.

Your goddamn housing development are illegal. Does that make them more expensive? Beverly Hills has been taken over too. A real infestation.

From Hollywood money, hollywood who made Los Angeles a world famous city that otherwise would be just another Tijuana.

But at what cost? The cost of taking advantage of your host country until you suck them dry.

Hollywood and Los Angeles is totally communist. The F.B.I. knows it. Countless of accounts by all American citizen crying out loud against the impunity Hollywood gets when it comes to breaking laws.

Jews hiring jews only, promoting themselves, raping our youth trying to make a living.

Hollywood, with Network top executives and president regarded as Kings that nobody can talk to. Red carpets indeed, it's not just for stars, it's for the entire Jewish Mafia. 

This should be disbanded and go down in history as Al Capone in Chicago.

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Laws are made for Justice
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