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  ISO member countries with a national standards body and ISO voting rights.
  Correspondent members (countries without a national standards body).
  Subscriber members (countries with small economies).
  Non-member countries with ISO 3166-1 codes.

ISO has 164 national members,<ref name="ISO_members">{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }}</ref> out of the 206 total countries in the world.

ISO has three membership categories:<ref name="ISO_members"/>

  • Member bodies are national bodies considered the most representative standards body in each country. These are the only members of ISO that have voting rights.
  • Correspondent members are countries that do not have their own standards organization. These members are informed about ISO's work, but do not participate in standards promulgation.
  • Subscriber members are countries with small economies. They pay reduced membership fees, but can follow the development of standards.

Participating members are called "P" members, as opposed to observing members, who are called "O" members.

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