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Treatment and control There is no treatment once fish are infected.<ref name="WikiVet"/>

ISA is a major threat to the viability of salmon farming and is now the first of the diseases classified on List One of the European Commission’s fish health regime. Amongst other measures, this requires the total eradication of the entire fish stock should an outbreak of the disease be confirmed on any farm. The economic and social consequences of both the disease and the measures used to control it are thus very far reaching.

Infectious salmon anemia is currently regarded as a serious threat not only to farmed Atlantic salmon, but also to dwindling stocks of wild Atlantic salmon. Recent research involving a multi-year study of wild Atlantic salmon from North America shows that infected salmon that survive infection generate antibodies against the virus.<ref>Antibody against infectious salmon anaemia virus among feral Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)</ref> Work is now underway to develop a vaccine against ISA.

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