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UK time trial competition The first UK individual time trial on public roads is reputed to have been held on 5 October 1895 over a 50-miles course just north of London, organised by Frederick Thomas Bidlake. For many years in the UK, time trials were the main road-based cycling competitions ('massed start' road racing only gained grudging approval after the Second World War), and remain popular today. Organised by Cycling Time Trials (formerly the Road Time Trials Council), the main season is from March to September.<ref>About CTT</ref> Time trials are mostly out-and-back events. This has joint benefits of a smaller course being needed and the effect of any head or tail wind being nullified. Normally starting very early in the morning at week-ends and usually on a Sunday, the standard distances of 10, 25 and 50 miles are yet to be converted to their metric equivalents. Traditionally Schoolboys and Juniors ride mainly 10's and 25's, leaving the longer distances to adults.<ref>RTTC Manual</ref>

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UK time trial competition
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