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ISO 2047 (Information processing -- Graphical representations for the control characters of the 7-bit coded character set) ISO/IEC 646 describes a graphical representation of the control characters for debugging purposes, such as may be found in the character generator of a computer terminal; it also establishes a two-letter abbreviation of each control character. In addition, RFC 1345 "Character Mnemonics & Character Sets" is cited as the ISO 2047 two-letter abbreviation of the control character. ISO 2047, ECMA-17<ref name="ECMA-17">ECMA-17, Graphic Representation of the Control Characters of the ECMA 7-Bit Coded Character Set for Information Interchange (withdrawn)</ref> in Europe, GB/T 3911-1983 in China, that corresponds to KS X 1010<ref>KS X 1010-2007 Graphical representations control characters for Information interchange</ref> in Korea (formerly KS C 5713) has been established as a standard. It was enacted "graphical representation of information exchange capabilities for character" JIS X 0209:1976 (former JIS C 6227) in Japan, and was abolished on January 20, 2010.

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